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5 Important Tips for Security Guards

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Everybody knows the hardships faced by a security officer during the course of the job. There are numerous risks that one has to encounter being in this job but has to keep overcoming to keep up with the safety levels of people around.

Although they get specially trained and paid for carrying out their duties, the level of bravery they portray is commendable. There is no doubt that just by their presence around, the whole environment seems a lot more safe and sound.

Each type of environment presents a unique set of challenges for guards and the role of guards keeps getting intense. Hence, it is of vital importance that the security personnel don’t forget their safety amidst the fulfillment of their duties and protect themselves as well while saving other people.

There are several safety tips that a security guard should keep in mind whether in a night club, event, apartment or business. Have a look –

  1. Stay Mindful and Plan Ahead

The job of security personnel involves a great degree of alertness and negligence for even a single moment can result in immeasurable loss in terms of money or human lives. Every action taken by the guard has to be calculated and planned carefully to be able to act quickly; otherwise, it may lead to disastrous results that can never be undone.

So, if you have recently joined a security team, make sure you are well aware of the potential dangers around and be prepared to handle them effectively.

  1. Be Prepared with your Defensive Gear

Always remember to have your defensive gears with you even if the surroundings don’t seem to be much of a risk. Everything in life is uncertain and being in possession of your protective gears and loaded firearms act as a life savior when encountered with unforeseen violence or other dangers.

However, if you aren’t required to carry any firearm on duty then make sure you have other tools like pepper spray, baton, etc. to handle a situation that turns from bad to worst. Also, make sure your equipment isn’t faulty or it could be risky for your life.

  1. Dress up in Appropriate Clothing

You might be wondering how the clothing comes into the picture. Well, this may sound as a non-matching aspect for the job but plays a crucial role in the everyday routine work of security personnel. Security guards are quite often walking and running around and wearing comfortable clothing and footwear enables them to carry out their tasks without getting their movements restricted or slipping on the floor causing injuries.

Moreover, many guards are required to wear body armor as well that are specially designed to defend themselves against knife or bullet attacks. So, if your job demands so, be sure you wear them regularly.

  1. Be Alert and Maintain Distance

It is always better to ask your client to brief out any hazardous substances lying in the premises that can pose danger if approached from a near distance. You should keep yourself protected from such materials and discuss the safety protocols before-hand.

Similarly, when you deal with potential suspects, always be on a high-alert mode and maintain a safe distance from them. It is because you never how they act out or attack you all of a sudden.

  1. Have Knowledge of Emergency Procedures

As security personnel, your duty isn’t limited to protecting people from theft or violence, but also from unexpected situations sent by nature. You should be aware of emergency procedures that should be undertaken in case any fire strikes or an earthquake happens.

Having the knowledge to deal with adverse situations can quicken up the response time and save hundreds of lives.


5 Steps for Hiring a Security Company for Your Event

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Creating a perfect event is a daunting task. Everything from choosing the right kind of location, setting a suitable atmosphere, investing a substantial amount of money to executing it as planned is a challenge for the person-in-charge.

With millions of people attending events every year in a city, their security becomes one of the crucial issues and failing to put effective safety structures in place could lead to immeasurable damage, disruption or injury.

Knowing this, the event planners have started paying a lot of attention towards setting up an effective management and security system in and outside the event premises to avoid unforeseen instances of violence or stampede.

Whether it is a small scale event or a large scale one, safety is paramount everywhere. Having a reliable security company on board can elevate your anxiety of handling the crowd and you can rest assured of having your event (private or commercial) to start and end smoothly.

Here are the steps to help you in hiring the right kind of security personnel for your event –

  1. Evaluate the Event Premises

The first and foremost thing to do before hiring any security company is to know your venue inside-out and assess which areas are most vulnerable. You have to take into account the main entrance gate and other ways from where people can get in.

The unwanted intruders always barge into any event from most unexpected places and figuring them out would help you in keeping security intact at those areas and scare the mischiefs away.

  1. Calculate the Ratio

This is, in fact, the most important and trickiest part of the whole process. Hitting the right balance between the guards and the number of attendees of your event is essential. A huge security team for a very small private event will make your guests uncomfortable whereas a few security personnel deployed to handle a large crowd would bring disastrous consequences.

Hence, as an organizer, you are required to determine the appropriate number of guards required to manage the crowd and maximize security throughout the event.

  1. Start your Search

Now, when you are done assessing the venue of the event and the number of personnel required to guard that place, you should ask for recommendations from around and see what kind of experiences people had with them. You can carry out a bit of online research and see what reviews and ratings have been given by their past clients.

Shortlisting of multiple companies is important at this stage so you can compare who matches your needs the most in terms of quality, efficiency, and cost.


  1. Verify all Accreditations of the Company

Coming across a company which is duly certified and licensed is an indicator of its quality of work. Any security company is given a license after the staff members undergo the required amount of training and comply with all sorts of regulations as laid down by the law.

By choosing a certified company, you can have full faith that your event will be handled by a dedicated and fully-trained team.

  1. Check the Track Record of the Company

An official license and certification will serve no purpose if the security personnel fail to perform equivalently good in the field in accordance to the training provided to them. An experienced company has great skills in handling all types of events, whether they are small scale or large scale.

Getting in touch with a company that has a proven track record of successfully handling a ruckus crowd should always be on top of your list.


5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Security Company

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Life is full of uncertain situations. Nobody knows what future beholds for them. One can never foresee what might happen but can surely plan for it in advance to reduce the possibilities of loss.

With rising rates of crime and violence globally, there is no doubt that everyone’s security is highly threatened these days. Whether it is business, an apartment or any event, people are extra-cautious about keeping themselves and their surroundings safe and sound.

This is where the role of a security company comes into the picture. A mere presence of security personnel is enough to have you rest assured and focus on other productive things of life, rather than worrying about how to save you and your family from outrageous levels of violence, damage, theft or any other mishap.

However, with numerous companies already operating in the market, how shall one go about picking the most suitable one? Well, the most crucial things to be looked out for are –

  • Honorability
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Professionalism in Work

That being said, you can evaluate a company possessing these qualities by asking the following questions –

1: Does the company carry the relevant experience?

What many people aren’t aware of is that not every security guard is suited for every place or occasion. The security personnel carry different skills and expertise and are hired for particular types of environment only.

So, when you head out to choose a security company, make sure that they have a significant level of experience with similar clients like you. An experienced company would always be able to offer you greater efficiency and reliability.

2: Is the company open to provide services in your locality?

As obvious as this may sound, many people still forget to take this factor into consideration. Hiring a company that isn’t much familiar with the security issues or potential risks of your locality or city is not a wise decision.

You should better opt for a company which is locally owned and operated and has multiple locations in your city.

3: Does the company carry licenses and insurance coverage?

Every service provider has to adhere to the regulations laid down by the law and attain desired certifications and licenses to operate in the city. These licenses are evidence of their formal training and a clear background.

Additionally, there are situations where the guards might incur injury or some sort of harm during their course of the job. To handle such incidents, it is important that the company has proper insurance coverage for them to save you from any liability.

4: What their past clients are saying about them?

While evaluating security companies, the best way is it to look out for what kind of feedback their clients have left for them. Someone who has previously worked with the prospective company is in a better position to give you detailed insights into the working of that company.

So, take your time to speak to the people around and discuss if it is the right kind of company for you. Go through their online reviews and see what people are saying about them. However, if you find 2-3 negative feedbacks, don’t get disheartened right away because even a top-class company can never satisfy 100% of its clients. Go ahead and judge them on your parameters as well.

5: What is their pricing policy?

When it comes to your security and safety, nothing else matters. In fact, high-class people are ready to shed out thousands of dollars every year on security guards just to keep a secure environment around them.

However, comparing the kind of services being offered in return is also required. Every company has different pricing and some even charge extra costs for overtime or hiring of additional supervisors or guards. So, make sure you clear it out beforehand.