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Hiring Security Guards And Deciding On Their Placement

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Many companies these days take security seriously, and will therefore go a long way to spend money on it. Hiring security guards is just one of the ways of making sure that the company premises will be secure. However, if it is your role to oversee this, one of the issues you might need to deal with is: where should the guards be placed? The placement of security guards in and around a commercial facility will influence many things including the number of guards you need to hire. Some of the factors that can influence the placement of security guards in a building include:

The nature of the surrounding neighborhood 

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One aspect you need to be keen on is the nature of the surrounding neighborhood. If you live in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, then you might need to place security guards in practically all the entry points to your facility depending on the nature of the business. In some cases, some neighborhoods will have regular crime with specific patterns in which they are committed. For instance, it may be common to find that the criminals in a particular area prefer specific entries to buildings. This would then act as a guide on how to place the security guards to your building, as well as choosing how many of them you want.

The size of the complex 

Rather than having one large building, some business premises are designed in such a manner that they are located in one large compound, but with different complexes around the area. In such cases, the relative importance of each point in the complex can help you figure out where to place the security guards. For instance, if a particular installation is more important compared to the others, then you would want minimal disturbance at that facility. For this reason, you would make it more protected compared to the other buildings in the complex. The goal is to optimize the number of guards you hire, so that you don’t end up getting a lot more than you need which will waste money. Any quality security guard company in Montreal will give you all the technical tips you need to do this right.

The nature of the main entrance 

You will obviously have to put some security guards in the main entrance to an office complex or building. However, the nature of the entrance will guide you in determining how many of them you will place. Some businesses have main entrances that are large, and which need more than one person to secure. If both male and female people go through the main entrance, you may also need to have both male and female guards at the main entrance if searches are mandatory. This way, you will avoid scenarios where male guards search females or vice versa, which could be a recipe for gender-based lawsuits against your company.

The relative importance of several areas in the building complex 

In any office of building complex, some areas will require more security than others due to their sensitive nature. For instance, if one part of the building houses a mainframe computer which acts as the backbone of the company’s transactions, you definitely don’t want anyone besides the certified individuals to come near it. For this reason, you may need to place an extra guard or two to protect the entry to the room.

In some cases, you may require the guards protecting such areas to have specific skills in order to protect the areas as well as they can. For instance, if a part of the building houses very sensitive information or parts, you may anticipate forceful entry by competitors or other parties. In such cases, you would want the area to be protected by a guard who is trained in hand to hand combat.

Questions To Ask If You Are Hiring Guards for Crowd Control

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Due to the advent of technologies such as social media, it has become easier than before to organize events and have numerous people attend in large numbers. For event organizers, this is a good thing since it means that they can make more money more frequently depending on how they strategize the events. However, having many people in a venue comes with a new type of danger: the safety of the attendants. There are many instances in history where too many people congregated in an area for an event, which then turned out chaotic and lead to either injury or death to a number of the patrons.

The number of things that can contribute to this is large, including poor planning, events that could cause a panic and stampede, a reduction in the number of emergency exits and many more. The use of a company that provides security solutions in Montreal as part of the planning is important, since it helps in cementing the role of the event organizer as a reliable and trustworthy service provider. When choosing guards from such a facility, you need to ask yourself a number of questions which will then guide you with various details including the number of guards you should hire. Some of these include:

Is it prone to any possible chaos?

EVENTGUARDS 300x178 Questions To Ask If You Are Hiring Guards for Crowd Control

If you are organizing an event which is likely to be peaceful, there is usually little chance of it turning chaotic in future. Examples of these include rallies for causes such as stopping cruelty against animals. However, when the crowd is likely to be polarized, this could result in a few skirmishes which could then evolve into full-blown violence.

An example of this is when you organize a boxing event where one half rabidly supports one fighter, while the other half strongly supports the competitor. In such cases, you know that emotions can run high, and this in turn means that there is a high chance of issues such as violence breaking out. In these situations, you are better off hiring multiple security guards who can handle this. The ratio of guards to patrons should be higher than in other events in anticipation of the violence and skirmishes.

How many people will be in attendance?

This is usually one of the most obvious questions asked when hiring security guards for an event. The number of people who are going to attend the event will influence the number of guards you will get. When an event is slated to have thousands of patrons, then you have no option but to hire a large number of guards to keep things calm. However, when the crowd size is going to be just ten or twenty people, then you only need one or two guards to keep things in order.

Do you have an evacuation plan?

There is the possibility of issues such as fires occurring, and these will then lead to a stampede. Irrespective of the venue of the event, you should have a clearly defined evacuation plan. The plan should be designed in such a manner that it will result in all the patrons leaving the area in the shortest time possible.

It is important to make such plans with the company you are hiring the guards from, and also make sure that the guards have all the details regarding such plans. This way, they will be in a better position to guide the patrons to the exit points in case of such an issue. Since security firms have a lot of experience in this, they are likely to be better advisors when it comes to designing an evacuation plan.

The Most Important Aspects Of Effective Security Guard Patrols

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Security guard patrols are some of the most important jobs that most security guards will do. This ensures that they keep an eye on all the elements of a property. Patrols also act as a deterrent towards would-be criminals, since they would notice the guard patrolling the property. However, it’s important to understand that a security guard patrol is not just about walking around; there is a method to the patrol that makes it an effective tool in securing the premises. Firms that offer truly professional building security in Montreal understand this, and usually go to great lengths to ensure that all their employees understand how to carry out an effective patrol. Some of the things that have to be in place to make a patrol truly effective include:

Always having defensive gear when on patrol 

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When going on patrol, the guard needs to have their defensive gear with them. Each patrol is always different, and the guard may end up coming into contact with individuals who have less than pure intentions. One may not be allowed to carry a gun as a security guard, but they are usually given other defensive gear such as truncheons. Guards never know what they might encounter when they go on patrol, so it’s advisable for them to carry such items with them.

This also means that when hiring security guards, it would be prudent for the client to find out more about how they are kitted. This includes the types of defensive gear they are given as standard, as well as any other equipment they are given.

Comfortable shoes 

There is a lot to be said for comfortable shoes for guards who are going on patrol. If a guard goes on patrol and has shoes that are not comfortable, chances are that they will make the patrol as short as possible, and they will also not focus on the danger signs that they are supposed to be focusing on. In addition to that, they are less likely to make several patrols, which may reduce their effectiveness as security guards. The result of this is that the facility is likely to end up being more open to attacks, thefts and burglary since the guards will not be working as optimally as they are supposed to.

In order to prevent this, the company you are getting the guards from should ensure that all of them are offered comfortable shoes. This shifts their focus away from the discomfort in their feet to actually doing their job, and also encourages them to make multiple patrols which increases the safety of the facility by a huge factor.

Conversing with people during the patrols 

When security guards are out on patrol, they are likely to end up in contact with people that they need to talk to. These could be people who are in prohibited areas of the property or those who are trespassing. When doing this, the conversation should be done in a tactical manner. Trained guards are usually advised to maintain distance between them and the person they are talking to, to always make sure that they take note of the person’s demeanor and to try to make them comply to their demands without violence. In many cases, it is possible to diffuse potentially dangerous encounters by simply talking to the other individual in a certain manner.

These are just some of the factors that make a patrol more effective. There are many more, including keeping the patrol intervals random and making sure that one uses different routes for each patrol in order to be unpredictable. As long as you have hired the guards from a trustworthy, professional firm, you can be sure that they will do all the above with ease.