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Sécurité pour les Centres Commerciaux

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IGS Security apporte son expertise aux centres commerciaux qui souhaitent développer une approche économique et pratique pour la sécurité Mall et de la sécurité.

Services de Sécurité pour Condominiums à Montréal

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IGS Security fait des liens étroits avec les propriétaires de condominiums dans la région de Montréal.
Les portiers et des services de conciergerie sont un élément intégrante de la sécurité pour les copropriétés et une nécessité pour les copropriétés les plus luxueuses.
IGS a travaillé en étroite collaboration avec les associations de copropriétaires pour faire un plan qui est économique et professionnel pour les bâtiments et ses propriétaires.

Montreal Security Options

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Those who want to ensure that their homes are completely secure in the event of a break-in will certainly want to take the time to find the right security company to go with. You will definitely want to start off by putting an alarm in your home so that if someone ever does try to break in, you will know and the police will be summoned immediately. In order to find the right company to get one of these alarm system from, you will first have to go online and do a bit of research.

If you live in the Montreal area and want to invest in a new security system for your home, it will be incredibly important that you know what you have to choose from. There are going to be quite a few different security companies to choose from so you will have to spend as much time as you need narrowing down your options. Eventually you will be able to choose one company in particular that can meet all of your needs. But before you can make a final decision on a certain security company, you will have to get references from each of them.

Choosing a Security Guard Company in Montreal

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If you happen to need the services of a security guard company, it will be incredibly important to make sure that you take the time to find the right one to go with. You will of course need to do some research into a few of these companies before you can make a final decision on one though. It will be extremely important to use the internet to your advantage when trying to select a security guard company that can meet your needs. This way you will be able to get the services you need without any problems at all.

You should take a decent amount of time to see how much each security guard company in your area charges for their services, just so you will be able to get the best deal possible on them. After you have taken some time to do this research, you will be able to make up your mind on a specific security guard company to go with. Montreal will be able to provide you with quite a few different security guard companies and in order to find the best one to meet your own business’ needs, it will be necessary to do some research first.

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The Four Main Types Of Security Companies

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The demand for professional security services is on the rise as crime seems to take a new turn in frequency. A look at the newspapers will always reveal some crime or the other taking place, leaving ordinary citizens feeling unsecure. In view of this crazy trend, security is no longer restricted to just authority figures and VIPs. Four main types exist now which we’ll delve into in brief.

Personal security

Personal security involves offering protection to individuals. Bodyguards and security officers who guard individuals or groups of people figure in this group. Such services can be expensive as the guards are usually armed and complete focus is given to the client.

Home security

Home security deals with securing property against criminals. This means using gadgets like cameras, motion sensors, heat sensors and alarm systems that can pick up intrusions. Like personal security, it can cost a lot but what it promises is more valuable than money.

Automobile security

Automobile security includes alarm systems designed to fit into vehicles. GPS is also a popular component together with biometric car locking and remote starters.

Event security

Event security consists of providing security at events, parties and political gatherings. The guards station themselves at entrances, exits and amidst the crowd to make sure no trouble occurs.

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Home Security Systems To Secure Your Home

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Every house, be it modest or opulent, stands to benefit greatly from having security systems installed. In this age where theft and break-ins have become commonplace, it’s necessary to have a system that guarantees some level of protection. Let’s look at the more common home security systems in use today.


Sensors are components that detect movement, sound and vibrations to alert homeowners, neighbors and security companies of a break-in. The fancier the technology, the more expensive the sensors are. Of the many types available, passive infrared detectors are the most common.

Monitored systems

Monitored systems are those that alert security companies when an alarm is tripped. Since it’s common for homeowners to accidentally set off an alarm, the security service will wait for about a minute before calling to alert you. If the system still isn’t deactivated then the company will alert the authorities.

Unmonitored systems

Unmonitored systems don’t rely on security services to alert the police if the alarm is tripped. Rather, the system emits a loud noise that can be heard by passersby and neighbors. Due to the method of operation, such systems have become very popular as they tend to scare off intruders. They’re more affordable than the rest as well.

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