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Five Steps to Ensure Security at Your Workplace

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There wasn’t ever an insecure time the way we experience today. Today, every single individual feels threatened by someone or something and wants a full-proof shield against it. And, while that can be somehow achieved for your residential premises, the situations become highly complex at a workplace. With people from different backgrounds coming together and strangers visiting the office, keeping the workplace safe is indeed daunting.

However, the difficulty level of the task gives no excuse to be careless and allow a criminal to breach the physical and virtual security of your company. Understand that securing your office building and surroundings is not just critical to keeping your employees and customers safe but also to save the monetary efforts you put in your business through so many years.

As per the latest report, violent crimes such as vandalism, theft, etc. cost Canadian companies billions of dollars a year. And, if you don’t want your organization or workplace to be a part of that list, you need to work sensibly to keep your surroundings secure. If you are not sure where to start, take reference of the below-mentioned tips –

  1. Enforce Strict Policies

As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to establish the importance of workplace security. Auditing your current security policies, identifying any gaps, and doing the necessary changes are some of the very important things you need to look into frequently. Also, you must do a background check on all and provide your team with security awareness training so that everyone is vigilant for the malicious activities around.

  1. Limit Access Control

A company’s corporate office is open for everyone to visit, but that doesn’t imply that anyone just barges in. At the backend, there can be some very sensitive discussions happening and data worth millions of dollars on the tables. So, to prevent any breach, it is best to have an access control system installed. That way, only these people can gain access into the rooms and systems that are supposed to, no one else.

  1. Introduce ID Badges

Identity cards with photographs are a great way for security guards to verify that they are dealing with a genuine person. You can link the ID badges to your electronic locks at entrance terminal and generate proper records of whosoever signs in and out. Thus, you know who visits your building and maintain proper safety for your employees.

  1. Install Surveillance System

By having an exhibited security system such as CCTV and central monitoring, you can prevent the malicious intended people from fulfilling their motives. Camera control becomes an immediate deterrent for wrongdoers and catches them red-handed. So, make sure you place CCTVs in parking lots and corridors outside the main office space.

  1. Hire Well-Trained Security Personnel

If you operate from a large building, alarm and CCTV systems won’t be just enough. You need vigilant security officers on their feet 24×7 outside your premises to act as your first line of defence. They examine your entry and exit areas and all other open points that make an easy way for criminals to break in. Their keen eye on activities around helps you deal with violent incidents and escalate any conflicts to the police authorities immediately.

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