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Five Practices to Enhance the Security of Shopping Malls

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The holiday season is soon approaching and all the shopping centres are expected to be overwhelmed. The administrative teams of malls have to prep up well in advance to ensure a good experience for visitors, control crowd, and quickly handle any suspicious behaviours.

Because the malls are spread across a huge area, they can be a little harder to monitor. There are numerous entryways or exits, and the chances of infiltrators or terrorists trying to invade into the space are quite high.

Think of the Calgary mall shooting that was reported more than a month back. Although, the mishap happened outside the building; there is a handful of such instances happening every year in and near the city of Montreal as well.

So, it is high time that the security game of shopping centres has to be stepped up to safeguard the staff and the shoppers. An appropriate number of security personnel and resources have to be deployed to serve the public better overall.

Here are five security practices that we generally recommend to all our mall clients –

  1. Do a Thorough Assessment

Shopping centres are at most risk when they are outdoor or in open premises. The threats and security breaches are high and missing even a single vulnerable area can be a clear gateway for the malicious intended people into the building. That is why it is essential to call for a proper security assessment done by a security company and find the right solutions to make the property safe and secure.

  1. Provide Training to the Workforce

A mall staff includes anyone and everyone – from valet staff, cleaners, and information desk employees to the ones that work at the retail stores and may have to encounter thefts or threats often. All these people have to be trained to act appropriately in high-risk situations and contribute their part in ensuring people’s safety.

  1. Install Security Alarm Systems and Cameras

With multiple levels of shops, restaurants, movie theatres, along with storage and delivery areas, the entire complex becomes quite susceptible to criminal activities and challenging for your small security team. Hence, there should be well-placed security cameras to keep an eye on evil activities and later use the footages for investigations, if any crime happens.

  1. Establish Communication Between Retail Stores

Retail crime may be laughing matter for many, but is, in fact, a serious one that needs a solution right away.  The most practical one is the communication between all the staffs and stores, both for issuing a warning or lending a helping hand. So, opt for a system that is efficient than usual telephones and can ensure timely action in case of emergencies.

  1. Deploy Additional Patrolling Guards

The shoppers in the mall must feel safe all the times. It has to be evident to them that any theft or perpetrators are being watched over and cannot be spared. Remember, the patrolling guards are the first line of defence for the malls and stores inside; so when it is festive or holiday time, hire a few extra guards for constant check of washrooms, parking, roof doors, mechanical rooms, and more.

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