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Five Important Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard

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With the increase in crime rates, it has become important to have someone who can guard and protect us from becoming a victim to these crimes. Besides having policeman on patrol and law enforcement agencies, security guards can protect us from crime scenarios that can take place in or near our property. In short security guards deter crime by watching out for looming danger.


With the rise in technology, people have started relying on CCTV cameras and other smart security systems, but these smart gadgets can only record and cannot take actions. Therefore, security guards are still considered the first line of defence for business and homes against any threats.


They have to execute various duties depending upon the type of company they are working for. Here is a list of duties and responsibilities that a security guard must know in order to fulfil the requirements of his owner-


Security Prevention Issues-


Preventing security issues should be on the priority list of a security guard since they are here for watching suspicious things, preventing burglaries and deter crime. They do not carry out offensive tactics like apprehending criminals.


Hire trained security guards who know how to handle the situation without creating much chaos and safeguard your property. Many companies offer security training programs for security guards.


Observe and Report-


Security guards must actively observe their surroundings when they are on duty. Observation can be done by monitoring the security camera system and building controls.


It is the duty of a security guard to give a detailed report of any suspicious activity that may include time, day, surveillance activity, witness statement, occurrence and interviews.


Immediate Response-


It is difficult to react appropriately when something goes wrong. A person can panic during such situation if he is a civilian or a security guard. Therefore, the guard must be trained in a way that he remains conscious of making the right move. He must stay alert to control the situation and call for help if needed.




Communication is necessary when it comes to safeguarding a building full of people or valuable things. It will suit the best of the interests of the security guard if they communicate effectively and efficiently during an emergency.


Communication can be of any type- expressing and sharing rules with people that reside in the building or guests, alerting government officials when the crime occurs, calling the team members using a duplex line of communication.




Coordination among a team can help achieve every problem. So each member from the team must follow the same security protocols and ready to answer his team leader of all the activities.


If you have hired security guards for a commercial building, then they must work as a team by coordinating their job using walky-talkies. This will help them know about the whereabouts of their team members.


Always hire security guards from a professional company that are confident and ready to the charge of your property with full responsibility.

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