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Facilities Operations & Management Manuals

Facilities Operations & Management Manuals
Operations manual1 Facilities Operations & Management Manuals
Operational excellence is a critical driver for success and should be a key part of property management strategy. Using a standard approach to systematically identify and close performance gaps, property managers and building owners can continually improve the performance of their janitorial, custodial, maintenance and security operations.  Being an integral part of any facility management philosophy, an IGS Security developed O&M manual provides you with a means to assure productivity and reduce operating costs through a comprehensive maintenance and security program.

Using an IGS Security site-specific O&M manual effectively integrates objectives, plans, policies, processes, standards and behaviors into daily operations describing the steps necessary to be performed and how they are to be accomplished. The IGS developed O&M manual provides the details to enable your workforce to develop the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs competently. It is becoming more common for detailed, modular, building block style facility-specific O&M manuals to be prepared for property managers. The accuracy, relevancy of our well-developed, easy to understand O&M manuals has been proven to provide the information needed to effectively and efficiently support the life cycle of the facility by providing information on:

• service philosophy, objectives and mission, general policies and procedures
• general building location, layout & diagrams
• important contacts
• facilities and work safety
• building infrastructure-utility systems, functional descriptions, facilities specifications, plants and machinery locations and operations, troubleshooting and preventative maintenance
• detailed job and service descriptions
• detailed instructions for janitorial, custodial, maintenance  and security guard procedures and processes, daily work schedules and reoccurring task scheduling (janitorial, custodial, maintenance  and security)
• facilities security systems
• security mandate, coverage, policies and procedures
• emergency procedures
• reporting, measurement, verification and services request forms
• manufacturers literature