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Security Training

I.G.S. Security recognizes the important role that education plays in any company’s security operations. Through the I.G.S. Academy, we provide security education to individuals and organizations.

I.G.S. Academy
I.G.S. Academy was established with the mandate to provide professional,customized training to security managers and their teams. Programs were established utilizing instructors with professional backgrounds in their particular area of expertise. Courses are offered at the I.G.S. Academy and throughout Canada and the U.S.

Corporate Security Training
One of I.G.S. Security’s key mandates is to serve as a security training resource for our customers’ management and staff. We strongly believe that having managers and staff who are properly trained in security awareness and crisis management situations increases the effectiveness and cost efficiency of a company’s security operations. Our objective is to prepare company personnel to deal with crisis situations and the development of effective management and communications skills.

This is a key component of our security consulting process. We work with our clients to develop a comprehensive training program to meet their particular security operations and objectives. We have developed a unique one-day course designed to help front-line employees detect and handle potential security risks.

Airport Security Training Program
I.G.S. Security can assist airport authorities and airlines in developing intensive,security-related courses. Courses can take place at the I.G.S. Academy or on site at the airport. We offer standard courses as well as sessions customized to meet the airport or airline’s particular needs. Topics covered by the courses include:

Training courses for:

  • Airport/Airline security agents

  • Security supervisors

  • Security inspectors

  • Ticket agents

  • Cargo and baggage security

  • K-9 procedures

  • Tarmac/airport perimeter security

  • Using EDS and screening equipment and identifying suspicious objects in baggage

  • The use and operation of decompression chambers

  • Explosive detection technology and techniques

  • Interdependence of the intelligence community and physical security

  • Ground and sky marshals / armed security agents on planes

Special emphasis is placed on reviewing course material and upgrading the program to reflect proposed safety and security standards taking into account counter-terrorism, the proven El Al model and current legislation.

Special Programs and Seminars
Our security training instructors can design a course tailored to meet a company’s specific requirements and security objectives. We organize seminars for management and staff focusing on relevant management and security issues. Seminars can be held at our facility or at the company’s desired location.

Private Investigator Course
I.G.S. Academy’s professional private investigator training program brings you into the fascinating world of investigation. Our comprehensive training program, which includes both theory and practice, will prepare you for a career in this exciting field.

Our program includes training in:

  • How to be a detective

  • The Code of Ethics

  • Government regulations

  • Creating reports

  • Communications tools

  • Taking photos and videos

  • Tracking and tailing skills

  • Crime prevention

  • Interview and interrogation techniques

  • Acting as a witness in court

  • Dealing with business and economic crimes

  • Personal protection

  • Crisis intervention

Coursework includes examinations on all subjects. Certificates will be issued to all students who successfully complete the course.

Security Agent Training
I.G.S. Security’s management team is committed to providing the highest possible caliber of service to our customers. The I.G.S. Academy was designed to create a pool of security agents trained to meet high standards of professionalism for all types of challenges. The training program includes both theoretical classroom training as well as situation simulations. All students must pass a final examination. The program covers the following areas:

  • Understanding the security service industry

  • Legal aspects of the security officer position

  • Communication abilities

  • Observation and patrol

  • Building infrastructure and systems

  • Emergencies and crisis management

In addition, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain courses are offered to senior security staff. Programs providing specialized training in areas such as baton, handcuffs, CPR, and so forth are also available.