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K-9 Team

K9atairport K 9 TeamThe I.G.S. K-9 division is headed by Yona Mendel who was a handler and team leader of an Israeli commando unit and has provided K-9 training to military, police and private sector clients worldwide. We have the right dogs and handlers to meet your security needs. Our fully trained dogs are able to work independently or in a team situation with their handler.

We offer complete K-9 services in the following areas:



Explosive Detection

  • Nitro based

  • C-4 and DM-12(military plastic)

  • Semtex A

  • Petn based

  • RDX based

  • T.N.T.

  • Black gunpowder

Commercial/Warehouse Security

  • Open area surveillance and searches

  • Intruder detection and exclusion

  • Alert and intimidation factor

V.I.P Protection

  • Intimidation and distraction factor

  • Companion to unarmed or armed guards

  • Special needs

Narcotics Detection

  • Cocaine

  • Ecstasy

  • Heroin

  • Methamphetamines

  • Marijuana

Patrol Services

  • Vehicle with handler and dog

  • Perimeter patrol

  • Companion to unarmed guards

  • Arrests

  • Monitoring suspects

  • Independent open area searches

Search and Rescue

  • Open area search

  • Missing persons

  • Land and underwater searches


We offer the following K-9 options:

  • You can purchase a complete package which includes a dog trained to meet your specific requirements, a trained handler or training for a handler you choose as well as periodic follow ups.

  • We will provide a dog and handler team that will provide the services you need based on a pre-determined schedule.

Our K-9 services can take place in a wide variety of locations, including: airports, train and bus stations, warehouses, open areas, public places, offices, vehicles, parking lots, industrial parks, hydroelectric installations and petroleum sites.