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Corporate Leaders Should Learn From The Paris Attack Of Charlie Hebdo!

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Taking appropriate security measures to secure business entity offices, their top managers, employees and clients is vital and urgent than ever before. In fact, securing firms and their employees has turned into a global issue that need to be swiftly addressed and for a good reason. On 7th January, 2015, two terrorists armed with guns forcefully entered the office of Charlie Hebdo, (a French satirical magazine) and killed approximately 22 people and left more than ten others injured. Nobody has any ideas what kind of corporate security measures were in place to prevent attack such as this one from happening.

Nevertheless, it is quite clear that the premises that housed the media company and its staff were ill prepared for an attack of this magnitude. Security experts concur that proper safety measures could have prevented this kind of an attack from happening. Simply put, putting in place proper security measures could prevent a similar attack from occurring elsewhere.

Learning from the Charlie Hebdo attack

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More often than not, proper security measures are overlooked or totally ignored by a number of companies. Corporate managers are more concerned on making profits, or operating the business, or even improving the revenue streams. And because the management is normally in the business of perceiving threats, they are ill-prepared when the worst happens. In fact, they do not how to prepare for these kinds of eventualities.

In the light of the very unfortunate incident that involves the Charlie Hebdo carnage, companies must reorganize staff safety and invest in having their security evaluated by highly trained and experienced security experts. These professionals are able to carefully scrutinize a firm’s current security needs. When they identify potential security threats, they are able to offer real and working solutions.

A professional and experienced security consultant in Montreal has the capacity to carry out a successful risk assessment of a client’s facility and offer thorough and well thought recommendations. These kinds of security professionals specialize in nuances that are associated with safe keeping in different locations around the country. Here are some of the services that are offered by well trained and experienced corporate security professionals.

Security at event & parties

Most companies host events and parties for their staff members or clients at least a couple of times in a given year. These events and celebrations can be a serious security challenge today. This being the case, it is critical to have the right security professionals to evaluate the venue before the event. These experts are then able to identify potential threats or security risks and know how to do way with them.

During the events, the experts are able to monitor the attendees. Checking the tickets and identification in this case is something of a paramount importance. These all helps to prevent theft and trespassing. Reliable security personnel are aware that it is better to be safe than sorry and hence are keen to do what is right so as to keep the event safe.

Crowd control

Safety is the number one priority for top security experts. If any staff member gets injured, the security officer in charge is able to quickly call for medical assistance. Apart from this, security experts are able to swiftly direct the medical personnel towards the injured staff member. Although the party is for staff members or even held to honor the clients, arguments and fights can occur due to one reason or another. Professional security experts are able to keep the situation from escalating. With their help, these poisonous incidents are quickly defused resulting to more relaxed atmosphere and patrons during the event.


Quite a number of firms have restructured in the past. With these, some affect employees and past employees have been known to shoot people at their workplace as a way of showing their disapproval. This is a reality that all managers and employees at a business entity must face. In situations such as these, it crucial to use experienced and well trained security experts and who knows and understand how to work with the local law enforcement and firm’s legal team to defuse tension.


No staff member likes to think that he or she needs to be protected by a bodyguard. However, in the corporate world of today, being protected by a bodyguard is a real possibility. What with all the threats from misfits such as terrorists? Many are times that staffers are required to transport items of tremendous value.

All over the world, top-level management staff members such as executives have received all sorts of personal threats. The best way to keep safe is to have a bodyguard around them 24 hours a day. Most of the bodyguards are former police officers, military personnel, and other law enforcement personnel that have special training during their career. As such, they know how to instantly identify a threat and immediately address it.

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