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What You Should Know About Important vs. Urgent Security Matters

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Security guards have many roles to play in a given time and situation. Like other professionals, they know when it is time to go home and when it is time to stay for a couple of hours more in order to deal with an urgent problem. Property owners must have that same perspective when it comes to security. The sense of urgency must be practiced according to the matters at hand. It is very important then to be able to learn more about which security matters are important and which ones are urgent.

Important versus urgent defined

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Important tasks are those tasks that can contribute to your company’s long-term vision with the intention to improve your business. Urgent tasks, on the other hand, are those tasks that require immediate action. An example of an important task is implementing a new security rule while an example of an urgent task is making a phone call to report a security matter. Segregating important from urgent tasks can be classified further.

Important and urgent tasks

These are tasks that have to be finished as soon as possible. These tasks have to be prioritised because once you put them off, you have to be ready for the consequences they can seriously bring to your business. Among those tasks categorised as both important and urgent are: meeting tax deadlines whether federally, state-wide, or locally; hiring people to occupy vacant positions to avoid being undermanned; and making sure that payroll is prepared and submitted accordingly.

Important but not urgent tasks

These are tasks that take too much time to accomplish but are often ignored because there are more urgent tasks that need your attention. Admit that because we are just human beings, we want to make sure we respond to activities whose immediate consequences are known. It may be a sort of bias to do so but we can do something about the situation. The best way to do that is to recognize tasks that are important but are not urgent.

One of the tasks included in this category is streamlining company operational processes. Another is working on a way to improve marketing by looking into options that will help increase sales and referrals. Keeping in touch with avid or loyal customers as well as knowing your key clients and improving relationships with them is also included in this list.

Tasks that are urgent but are not important

These are tasks that can take so much of your time because they need immediate attention even if they will not be part of fulfilling the company’s long term vision. An example of such tasks includes taking calls even when you have a lot of other things to do because no one is willing to take the call. Many times, security guards are prone to taking calls even when they are on post because nobody is there to help them answer the phone. Reading unimportant emails and replying to them is also another. Doing jobs that are not part of your job description or those which have already been delegated to others is another.

Tasks that are not important and are not urgent at all

Focusing your thoughts on these things will definitely be a waste of time. They do not require immediate action and will never be fruitful for your business. You need to cut back on these tasks so you will become progressive. Examples are checking who is posting on social media, reading the newspaper, spending time watching more YouTube videos.

In the world of security, all these tasks can affect the way with which the business goes. It is important to educate your people about these tasks. If you work with well trained security guards in Montreal, you can certainly expect them to excel when it comes to separating important from urgent security tasks.

How To Deal With Unwanted Guests In Your Condo Building

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Condominium living has become very popular for a lot of people because of the security it can provide them. People who live in condominium buildings are aware of the fact that there is a team of dedicated security personnel who is more than willing to protect these living spaces. As condominium building property managers, you have to make it a point that you live up to the expectations of your residents. You have to make it a point you have measures in place to deal with unwanted guests that come in and out of the condo building.

Get the help of your security team

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As a property manager, you have to make it a point that you get help from your security team when dealing with unwanted guests. You can prevent dealing with this situation if you remind your security team to take note which people are allowed to come in and out of the building. It is expected that your tenants have already notified the security in advance regarding those they are expecting to come and pay a visit.

Check all the information needed

Alongside notifying security about people they are expecting to come, occupants will also provide other information that will warrant that the guest is authorized to come inside the building. Information like the time they expect the guest to arrive has already been made known to the security in charge of the condominium building. Make sure that the security team follows the instruction of the occupants to keep the building secured at all times.

Make sure that you impose rules regarding accepting guests

Tenants must be warned that there is a minimum number of guests permitted to occupy a unit. This is to ensure that fire and building codes are complied with accordingly. Remind your tenants that guests are not allowed to make unnecessary noise that can disturb other tenants. Both guests and residents must be fully aware of all these rules.

Know more about uninvited guests

Will they pose danger to residents in the building? How do these guests usually sneak in to the units? You have to make sure that these guests will not pose any danger to your occupants and to the property as a whole. Sometimes, you have to admit that there are guests who do not intend to commit any crime but can be a nuisance to the building.

Deal with the situation accordingly

Call the guard on duty when you tend to be alarmed with the presence of unwanted guests in the condo building. Remind your tenants to do the same if they feel like their safety is compromised with the presence of people that they do not know. Always be vigilant when these guests come in and pass on that same level of vigilance to your tenants.

You must talk about appropriate policies applicable to unwanted guests

Discuss what you can do with the entire condo board or even tenants as the case may be. Try to solicit advice from everybody and check on whether confirmation phone calls are necessary to lessen the presence of unwanted guests in the condo building. Discuss more about which credentials will be needed to allow these guests to come into the building. Know when it is time to stop the guest from coming in to the building as well.

Contact local authorities if the need arises

When the unwanted guests intend to commit crime and you have established that, you can ask help from local authorities too. Once you have notified the authorities, you can notify your security team about the call you have made to give police better access to the condo building and be able to stop the crime.

It is very important to involve the security team when dealing with unwanted guests in your condo building. Contact us if you want to hire top notch condo security in Montreal.

Biggest Security Risks And How To Protect Yourself

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As a business owner, one of the most important aspects is protecting your assets. This includes your property, equipment, inventory, as well as your employees. Whether you have a warehouse or a storefront filled with products, your business is at risk for vandalism and theft. The first step you should take to protect your business is to improve physical security. There are several ways to do this, and in this article we will share few practical and simple options.

Assess your risks

Businesses, especially small ones, often have limited budgets and limited time. Before you spend money on improving security, as a business owner, you should conduct a business risk assessment before deciding the most pressing issues. This will help a business owner to zero in on the type of protection you require the most. Determine how vulnerable your business is and the threats that are specific to your business. Not all, but some businesses have threats that are in-built which are impossible to eliminate. However, by lowering your vulnerability, you lower your risk of loss. After you have identified your biggest risk, you can go ahead and implement security measures that are most effective.

Lighting, windows and locks

You can start by changing the locks on the doors of your business to upgrade your security. Depending on your tenant rights, check to see what is legal for you to change to avoid litigations from your landlord. If your business is situated in a building with heavy foot traffic, you may want to invest in top quality door locks. Service or replace your locks regularly to ensure that your security is always at the optimum.

If you need to distribute keys among your employees, make sure that you give out as minimal keys as you can to avoid them ending up in the wrong hands. Have up-to-date records as to who has the keys and when they were issued. You should also invest in window bars, especially if you store valuable inventory in your business premise. Most burglaries happen at night when there is little street light. Make sure that you install adequate lighting to deter vandalism and theft. It helps to also install motion-sensor outdoor lights. To fully ensure your business’ security after work hours, you can hire services related to maintaining building security in Montreal from a reputable security company.

Surveillance cameras and alarm systems

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To add another layer of protection to your business, you should invest in a security system. These systems can include keyless entry for employees, panic alarms, video verification cameras and glass break detectors. Get security systems with automation features. Install a surveillance camera to discourage potential criminals. Invest in both overt and covert cameras to document the incidents committed inside and outside your business premise. Don’t just get any surveillance cameras. Ensure that you get high quality security cameras that have the capability to capture facial features, licence plate information and other details.

Employee training

The most serious threat to a business is employee theft. Research shows that typical businesses loose an average of 6% of revenues from employee theft. Small businesses are especially affected because of the limited resources they have. The risk to your business can range from malicious intent to unintentional employee neglect which can harm your business by losing proprietary information, business documents, or losing merchandise.

A simple way to address this problem is by providing security training. By training your employees on security, you instil in them the importance of using the installed security measures. Train your employees to be discreet with information they share so as not to put the business at risk. Make it clear that there will be zero tolerance for employee theft and that there will be dire consequences for anyone caught in the act.

Improving physical security for your business can be costly, time-consuming and complicated. So, you need to consider making incremental changes. Even though the cost of security may seem too much, the cost to your business being associated with insecurity can be so much more. By addressing the risks your business faces and taking the appropriate measure to protect yourself will increase the chances of your business succeeding.

How To Protect Your Business Inventory From Interior And Exterior Threats

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Business security, especially when it comes to protecting your business inventory, is not something that can be taken lightly. A business owner needs to manage the physical aspects of his or her building’s security first. You can start by considering hiring one of the reputable security guard companies in Montreal to keep your business premises safe at all times. The other thing to consider is to implement simple upgrades to both the exterior and the interior portions of your security system to protect your inventory. To protect your business inventory from interior and exterior threats, this is what you need to do:

Check basic security systems

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Most businesses, especially small businesses, rely on basic systems to protect their technology, equipment, inventory and building. Most of these simple systems are usually easily compromised. Basic security systems found in a business premise include a small camera system, a simple “3 doors and a motion” electronic security system and deadbolt locks.

The truth is these devices are not enough to ward off would-be threats. You can improve your security by simply improving the exterior lighting to ward off potential criminals and eliminate blind spots. Another way to improve building security is to invest in remote camera monitoring to provide clear real-time images for monitoring fenced-in areas. Additionally, you need to regularly inspect your surveillance system to reveal problems that would leave your business inventory vulnerable.

Advance in security, surveillance and access control

If you have a surveillance system that is more than five years old, it may be time to upgrade it. Take advantage of the technological advancements that are available to increase security for your business. Update your cameras from analogue to IP to get more area coverage and clear picture quality.

Install a 24/7 cellular monitoring security app that combines text and push notifications to alert you to the presence of burglars. This app can also provide you with detailed alerts of when your employees come in and go out from your business. There is a new technology that eliminates the need for keys in sensitive areas of your business to limit access. You can use the keyless technology to restrict access to your store area to protect your inventory.

A few years back, the keyless technology needed users to swipe their cards before entry into a room. However, advancements in technology have provided one type of credential that can be used. Instead of carrying around cards, employees use key fobs, the size of wafers, to gain access. These key fobs can easily go on a key ring or attach at the back of a cell phone for a convenient and easy way to carry the access credentials.

Recently, the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is being used by big businesses to step up their security. The NFC allows one to carry their cell phone as the credential to gain access. A more sophisticated NFC system uses both a cell phone and fingerprint to gain access. This type of security measure makes it hard for even the most hard core criminals to gain access to your warehouse.

Don’t forget the people part

The security of a business is only as secure as the people working there. A business owner should encourage employees to be on the lookout for potential threats as well as enforce visitor management. Train your employees the importance of keeping security protocols to keep untrustworthy visitors from gaining access to sensitive areas. By conducting regular coordinated exit drill, you add another level of security not only for your inventory but also protect your employees.

From managing your employees to taking advantage of technological advances to basic upgrades, improving the interior and exterior of your business security seems like a daunting task. You can let the professionals from a security company walk you through the risks and help improve your security system to protect your inventory.

Have You Updated Your Business Security Measures Recently?

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Business owners may find it hard to protect their businesses from criminals. A business owner is not only tasked with protecting their physical assets, but they also have to make certain that their online security measures are strong enough to protect against many different types of malware, viruses and hackers. Crimes against a business can result in anything from losing the private data of millions of clients to the loss of equipment and inventory. If a business owner experiences huge losses, it can lead to a business closing its doors for good. As a business owner, you need to think about how to protect your business from crime. We have outlined a few different methods of how a business owner can keep his or her physical assets as well as electronic ones safe.

Secure your work areas

While you are highly concerned with securing your electronic and network information, you also have to make sure that your physical equipment and inventory is secured too. There are still criminals who go for low-tech breaking and entering options to steal your expensive products, equipment, or cash. Always make sure that your doors and windows are tightly locked after work hours. Install good lighting around your building to ward off thieves. Also, you may need to install top notch cameras and upgrade your alarm systems along the fencing of your business premise. Additionally, you can hire security patrol services in Montreal to increase the surveillance of your business at all hours.

Keep an accurate inventory

Are you aware of how much inventory you currently have in your possession? If you are not very sure, take time to get an accurate count of your stock. This way, you will be aware when inventory is missing. Invest in a program that will automatically adjust when new stock comes in and when you sell a product. Take note of any excesses, credits or damage claims in your system. By doing this, you can easily find out if someone is creating fraudulent records or even embezzling funds.

Verify who you are hiring

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As you focus in protecting your business from external threats, you should also put the same amount of effort to keep your business safe from interior ones. A business is always as safe as the employees it has. You want to make sure that you hire trustworthy employees, especially if they are going to deal directly with money or sensitive data. Always call references and do thorough background checks before hiring new employees. Have clear written policies regarding employee theft and the consequences that follow.

As a business owner, if you have clear proof that an employee is stealing from you, take decisive and quick action. There are several ways you can monitor your employees. One, you can set up cameras where cash is kept. Install electronic threat detection devices to watch who is accessing your data. Limit the number of employees who can access sensitive data and be sure to remove all access from employees who no longer work for you.

Regularly check your security systems and policies

One mistake most business owners make is to put security measures in place and then walk away. You need to ensure that you continually check your security systems to make certain that they are functioning properly. If you find any faulty security equipment, make sure the problem is taken care of. Better still, you need to upgrade your security systems every now and then to protect your business from advanced security breaches. Bring in security experts to conduct a thorough evaluation of your security policies and make the necessary changes.

Qualities To Look For When Hiring Security Guards For A Hospital

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Security is one of the major concerns of many kinds of public organisations. Hospitals, forming part of these public organisations, are presented with distinct security challenges that they have to deal with. Their number one function is to make sure that their patients and employees are safe. Apart from that, they also need to secure those expensive medical equipment and machines. It is therefore important for anyone in the hospital industry to look for security guards who can help them safeguard people and assets. When you own a hospital, here are qualities to look for when hiring security guards.

Good work attendance

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A high work attendance rate is a qualification that security guards should meet when applying for a hospital-related security job. Their attendance is important to make sure that your hospital will have the people they trust to perform security functions in order to keep the hospital premises and those inside it safe at all times. Their previous record must be able to provide proof that they show up every day.

Willing to learn

This might not be the first job for the security guard you are hiring. Even if it is his first time to work in a hospital, he might have worked for other industries in the past. Since safeguarding a hospital is entirely new to him, you have to make sure he is willing to learn the different jobs related to his post. He must be able to answer telephone calls whenever needed but must stay alert for any incident. This quality shows that he is willing to gain from a valuable experience by keeping you, your employees and your patients safe always.

Good to have a variety of skill sets

Apart from a person’s willingness to learn, it is also important to hire a hospital security guard who has acquired various skills from previous jobs he has attended to in the past. Yes, he must have been with various industries and you can expect him to have performed a variety of other jobs. He must have acquired special skills too during his tenure with these industries. Amongst these skills are technical skills when operating the computer and the physical ability to deliver security-related jobs.

Emphasis on soft skills

Soft skills involve a person’s capability to communicate with others. In the hospital setting, a security guard should be qualified only if he has these soft skills. This is his tool to be able to communicate successfully with patients as well as with coworkers. Often referred to as people skills, security staff should be able to exercise this too in instances where criminals seem to take advantage of a given situation.

Has a set of reliable references

Having different people written in the reference section of the applicant’s resume will give you a better chance to assess if he is indeed capable of delivering the job expected from him. These references must be reliable enough – preferably someone the applicant has worked for in the past. Be prepared to ask questions relevant to the security work he has performed with his previous employers.

Comes to interview on time

One of the qualities you want for a person who is applying for a security position in your hospital is punctuality. If the applicant comes to the interview on time then it means you can rely upon him during emergency situations within your premises. Make sure though that he gives the answers you want from you interview with him. He must be honest enough to elaborate about other things you want to know about his skills and his past employment.

Do you need a hospital security guard? Hire an expert security guard in Montreal and you can have peace of mind to focus on your core objectives at your hospital without compromising the safety of your employees and patients.

How To Keep Your Business Safe During Winter

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Once the nights become longer and the days become colder, expect that businesses across the country will feel the need to close their shops earlier than usual. This will be a challenge they need to face also because burglars will have more time to look for their next target. As the opportunity of intruders become higher during this season, it is but important for you to be aware of safe practices for your business during winter. Here are a few of the most important things to bear in mind.

Use monitoring systems

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The coming holiday is that time of the year when people frequently come and do their business with their chosen establishments. While this is the case, expect too that more employees will have to take their leave in order to spend time with their families. You may need to employ some people to help you deliver your tasks during these peak months. Since you have to hire new people at least for this season, you must be prepared to monitor the way they work.

Employee theft can be rampant during winter because of this. In order to get rid of this problem, make sure that your business is equipped with CCTV. Choose one that covers key areas of your business premises. It may not be able to safeguard you from theft but it can give you clear evidence on how to deal with the intruder in a more effective manner.

Perform a security audit

A security audit is somehow neglected by a lot of business owners. Take this time of year as the perfect period to refresh your knowledge regarding your business security needs. You must also be able to instruct your employees about how to secure sensitive areas making sure that these are locked down accordingly. You must also have a strict handover policy for temporary staff that you are going to employ during this season. Since they are new to your place, they may not have the same intuition as permanent employees when it comes to checking any suspicious movement within your premises.

Install security lighting

Security lighting will include motion-censored lighting that can be a useful tool to give burglars some second thoughts when intruding into your building. This tool can help detect intrusions through the movement made by any person. They can make employees safer during these dark and chilly winter days.

Check your locks

One great way of keeping your business safe during the winter is to make sure that all possible entrances for intruders are locked before you leave your premises. This will include every window and door within the establishment. This is a very simple step that is easily forgotten and can be the cause of loss for your property. Hold someone responsible in performing this task.

Hire experts in building security

Whether you have to deal with new employees to perform tasks of permanent employees who are out for the holidays or you need someone who will double check your locks at the end of the day, nothing beats the expertise of professionals in building security. These experts have been trained to do all sorts of security-related jobs to give you the peace of mind not only during winter but at any given day of the year. They can take charge of observing what happens within your premises through an installed CCTV or through checking the security lighting when everyone else has to go home and sleep after a day’s work.

For building security in Montreal, you can simply contact us. Our experts know how to make you feel secure not only during winter but for the rest of the year.

Top Roles Played By Airport Security Patrol

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The need for first class airport security officers have increased in this fast and changing world. Since many people have been using airports to reach their next destination then it is also crucial to make it a point that these people are given the security that they need. Hiring an airport security patrol is essential since they can fulfill a lot of roles that will surely make people feel safer with their choice of airlines. Amongst these roles are the following:

Main roles played by airport security patrol

One of the main roles of an airport security patrol is to provide passengers with a safe environment as they start their travel through air. They are also expected to meet security requirements in a professional way. Patrols can roam around the airport premises to make sure it is free from danger and, on the other hand, they can be assigned to different posts within the operations of the airport. This will entail them to perform tasks like checking passenger luggage, searching passengers and even operating airport X-ray equipment. They are also expected to interact with people from different cultures and countries.

Secondary roles played by airport security patrol 

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The roles played by airport security patrol may vary from day to day. With this, they are expected to be aware of their surroundings and to be prompt when it comes to dealing with different situations as they arise. Typical secondary responsibilities of airport security patrol will include ensuring that airport premises are patrolled in an efficient and a timely manner. They are also tasked to monitor all activities inside and outside the airport premises by making observations and also through the use of a closed circuit television. They are also responsible for signing visitors in and out of the building as the case may be.

Airport security patrol is also given the responsibility to check any suspicious packages that come in the airport. They should also ensure that only authorised personnel are given access to relevant buildings inside the airport. They should login the traffic within these buildings regularly so they can easily countercheck in case any problems arise later on. Some will be entrusted to safeguard cash or other valuables using a secure vehicle. There are those who will need to guard entrances and exits. They must also be prepared to communicate with other security officers using handheld radio equipment or mobile phones.

Other relevant roles of airport security officers

Besides the main and secondary roles mentioned above, airport security patrol can also be involved in the following roles:

  • Dispensing information to visitors of the airport;
  • Writing reports for the police or airport management whenever any untoward incidents happen within the airport premises under their watch;
  • Answer the telephone and perform other general reception duties;
  • Take charge of ensuring security in the car park;
  • Creating building access cards and distributing them to authorised personnel after.

Skills required to specifically perform these roles

Since airport security patrol officers are expected to perform a wide variety of roles on a day to day basis, they must also be equipped with proper skills in the performance of these duties. They should be very well-versed with communicating and must have the ability to do their jobs even under stressful situations. They should also be aware of what is taking place and be able to exercise their assertiveness as the need arises. They must be able to lead people and follow directions. They must be able to work well with the entire team and must pay attention to details. They should also be mentally alert to recall any needed information.

If you are looking for security patrol services in Montreal, you should look for a security team who has the skills to play a variety of roles when securing people and property within airport premises. Our team is more than willing to extend a hand in this regard.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Perform A Building Security Audit

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Hiring private security to keep the building secure or installing the most modern security system is not a guarantee that the entire workplace is safe. You have to make sure that there are experts who can help you audit your building’s security. This is not just simple building inspection or internal control review. There is more to that in this process. Performing a building security audit includes the following essential steps.

Ask what the audit is for

IGS Integrated Services 300x161 A Step By Step Guide To Perform A Building Security Audit

When you ask what the audit is for, you must be able to clearly identify specific objectives that you want to achieve in the entire process. Eliminate any redundancies to make sure that your plan of action will be attainable within the timeframe you have set. Focus on what has to be done to prevent burglary and to protect your clients. Think of how the property can be safeguarded from intruders. Learn how you can protect your employees’ belongings as well.

Be specific with the scope of the audit

Specify the parts of the premises that should be covered by the audit. Will it be the whole building or only a specific area or department? Specific areas of concern should be determined most especially if you have to reinforce security measures and policies right away.

Establish a clear set of criteria

This will include standards that have to be implemented in the course of the audit. Specifications for thief-resistant locks, alarm systems and open mesh steel fences are just some of the areas you should set a criteria on when formulating strategies for risk prevention.

Be specific with audit methodologies

Specifying methodologies will mean having a clear statement of methods that need to be used in the building security audit. This will help assure that every member of the team performs the audit in accordance with the plan. Examples of methodologies include using survey questionnaires for occupants as well as interview with the officer-in-charge. Interviewing the staff to get first-hand information is also an example. Reviewing procedures and policies will also form part of the methodology.

There should be a set time from the planning to its execution

An action plan will require you to specify the date needed to complete a specific action. It can include the planning stage as well as the set date of completion. Time frames for submission of reports as well as intended follow-ups on implementation of recommendations should also be included in the consideration.

Perform any security risk analysis

When doing so, you have to consider the different departments covered by the security audit since risk analysis can vary from one area or department to another. All department members should answer the prepared questionnaires. From there, you should summarise the results of the questionnaires.

Compare the result with the policies in place to see if they are complied with accordingly. You should also test if the security procedures are reliable enough for the current workplace setup. Conduct an interview if you need more information. You should also identify areas that are most susceptible to risks or threats. Document all observations and specify any deviation from policies and standards.

Evaluate the premise’s physical structure

Evaluating the premises will help you determine if existing policies are enough even with any alteration or improvement you have made to the building over time. You may need to improve these policies depending on the result of the evaluation. You may need to institute more security checkpoints and personnel or add more monitoring systems as the case may be.

Performing a building security audit can be more complex than you have imagined. It is not about gathering data today and implementing changes the next day. In this case, you will need the help of a security consultant in Montreal.

How To Keep Your Business Security Codes Protected

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It will be easy for you to presume that your workplace is much more than safe when you have installed all the necessary security systems and have hired security personnel to help you with your daily operations. You might think that pretty sure there is no way that your property could be put to any risk when this is the case. The truth is even with the most robust commercial security system, it cannot be denied that human error can lead to lapses. This will then mean that you have to keep your business security codes protected all the time. Here is what you should do in this regard.

Each employee must have a unique access code

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One of the most important things to keep in mind when securing business codes is to ensure that each employee is assigned a unique access code. This will help you monitor how each employee makes use of the code. Add to that, unique access codes will mean that you will have an easier time deactivating a single code in case the employee resigns or is terminated from work. Depending on the role played by the employee within the workplace, you can assign them with different levels of security for these codes.

Never write the codes down

One of the mistakes you can commit when assigning security codes to employees is writing them down on a piece of paper. There are special systems that can help you monitor the use of these codes without having to write them down on paper. You do not want others easily gaining access to your unique code too. It will be better to ‘destroy any evidence’ for these codes after you have memorised them by heart.

Automatic keyless entry will also be a good replacement to access codes

In case you find it hard tracking access codes used by each employee simply because you have too many of them to monitor, it will be nice to replace the codes with automatic keyless entry systems or access cards. You can give your employees one card each to access their workstations and other work areas that they are authorised to access. If you use this, you no longer have to memorise anything or you do not have to worry about keeping the codes a secret. Make sure to remind your employees to keep their cards secure at all times though.

Codes should be hard to decode

Some of you may use codes that are easy to memorise. It is either you follow a certain sequence or assign birthdays to make it easily remembered by anyone who uses it. Arranging four numbers in ascending order like 1234 or descending order like 9876 is a no-no. These ones are very easy to guess. You can always make a code that is easy to remember but make sure they are hard to guess.

Change your codes frequently

The more you use these codes the easier it will be for other people to possibly decode them. To keep your place of work secured it will be good to change the codes frequently, perhaps once every quarter. This will make sure that no one can access the code even when you may have accidentally shared it with them.

Other things to remember for commercial building security

Access codes are not the only ways by which you can make sure that you only give access to your building to authorised users. It will also be wise to seek the help of experts in commercial building security to prevent any untoward incidents and to avoid possible access by intruders to your building. These experts will make sure that your building is safe at any given time of the day all-year round.

Hire experts in commercial building security in Montreal and ensure that only rightful access is given to those who are authorised to enter your building. This will help you closely monitor who walks in and out of the establishment.