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Tips On How To Manage Event Security Issues

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No matter how big or small your event can be, you have to remember that security issues will always be a priority concern. Unless you are prepared in managing all these event threats, you cannot assure that your guests and participants will be safe. It is important then to know how you can manage all these issues. It will be best to know the tips in managing each issue and incorporate it in event planning.

Give your event security team enough time to plan 

EVENTGUARDS 300x178 Tips On How To Manage Event Security Issues

Addressing event security in Montreal, as mentioned awhile back, this should not be done only when the event is already happening. It must always happen beforehand. In things like this, there is no such thing as ‘better late than never’. The entire security team must be given ample time to plan ahead for any contingencies. One very important thing to consider in the plan is choosing a safe location where security risks will not really be that rampant. The safety of the event’s place should coincide with all other considerations.

Control guest participation and attendance

One of the most challenging parts of event management is controlling the guest participation and attendance. Often, you are prepared with the guest list. The host sends out invitations to eligible guests and yet there are times when the guest list may not coincide with the number of invitations sent. Yes, the venue is large enough to accommodate the expected number of guests but you cannot be sure which ones are really in the guest list.

Unless your team is strict enough in allowing who should be given entry in the venue, you cannot be sure that only eligible guests come in. Remember that there are instances when one is admitted entry only because he or she is famous and is a known friend of the host. Add to that, they may bring some other companions who will nevertheless be allowed to come in.

How can you control such scenarios? You have to make it clear with the host and the entire security team that you are following a guest list that will make sure only eligible guests are allowed to enter. Explain that fire codes and the like may be violated when more than the number of people will be allowed to come in the venue. Clear and specific guidelines must be prepared.

Make someone the head of the team

That someone must be able to exercise authority at all times. He should be able to make appropriate decisions right away or whenever the need arises. He must be someone who can lead the entire team to work coherently to attain event safety. Having a go to person – only one person in-charge – will make it easier to address any other problem that may arise later on.

Prepare protective intelligence elements

Every person who is forming part of the security team must be familiar with the venue. This will help them address key security concerns during the event. If possible, GPS tracking can be used to make sure guests come in and out of the venue easily, without putting their lives at risk. It will also be good to be updated with possibilities of people who plan to protest against your event. Accessing social media will help you track these possibilities.

Make sure you can work well with other security teams as well

Your event’s security team are not the only people who will come in to secure guests. Some VIPs will have their own set of security team too. You must be able to work with this team to make sure the safety of these individuals are not compromised.

How To Enjoy Stellar Condo Security As A Condo Apartment Owner

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Owning a condo unit will definitely excite you. Come to think of it, you will soon be reaping the fruits of your labour with this investment. Remember though that whilst the excitement is there, you always have to think of making your home a safer place where you will live. After all, your condo unit will definitely be near or adjacent to many other condominium units in the building. When safety is a concern, you simply have to follow the tips below and enjoy stellar condo security at all times.

Check your door locks

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Many condominium units these days already have advanced technologies incorporated in their respective door locks and knobs. As high tech as these fixtures are, you have to be familiar with how to operate them. Do not be shy to seek the help of a condo admin representative so you can check on door knobs and locks. Tell them to help you become familiar with how the locks work. Make sure that your knobs or locks don’t wobble. If you find something wrong, do not hesitate to ask for immediate replacement.

Check on window security

Window security is as important as door lock security when it comes to owning any type of home. Remember that aside from doors, windows are common entry points for burglars and intruders. See what your options are when it comes to making your windows more secure. Ask your developer right away which window covering will be good to purchase and use for your unit.

Make sure that smoke alarms are in place

One of the key security considerations when it comes to owning a condo unit is the presence of a smoke alarm system. This should be in place even before you make the big move. You will need this to help alert your neighbours and even condo security guards should fire start in your unit. Before you even know it, the system will save your life and the condo unit even before a severe fire breaks out.

Check if you can use a facility to communicate security issues you will encounter later on

Having a telephone in place will be good but if you want to make sure you can easily contact a condo unit representative as the need arises, an intercom will be the best tool to run to. The good thing about having an intercom in place extends to the fact that you may possibly incorporate an alarm system in it so it will be easier to ask for help in case an intruder comes in or in the event that your security is at risk. You may even incorporate surveillance cameras with these systems to assure you that security guards will be alerted at all times especially in case of emergencies.

Ask if there’s a fire exit

A fire exit gives you easier access to going out of the building in case a fire starts up. You have to make sure that the one in your condominium building is accessible and is wide enough to help you pass through quickly yet calmly when there is fire. Of course, it will also be good to have a fire extinguisher handy so you can put out fire when the need arises. Ask about the possibility of using water sprinklers as well.

Make sure that the entire building is secured

There should be security guards present in each cluster or building to help you out in any case of emergency. You will never want the thought of having to call a security guard coming from two buildings away when your life is already at risk.

For more about condo security in Montreal, do feel free to give us a call. We can explain a great plan to help you secure your apartment as well as the entire condo building.

Top Indicators That Your Business Needs Security Guards

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A business is one of the most reliable ways of generating income, creating employment opportunities and impacting the society in a positive way. In that case, it is paramount to ensure that it runs smoothly. When the business runs smoothly, it increases the chances of achieving organizational objectives. One of the surest ways of ensuring that the business runs smoothly is working on security.

In light of that, there are a number of factors that determine whether security services are incumbent in your business. Here is a look at some of these indicators.

Problematic access control systems

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If your business is having problematic access control systems, you should probably consider getting security guards. This is because in as much as the access control systems help with monitoring traffic in the business, they are expensive in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Essentially, access control systems require regular maintenance. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, they tend to be ineffective and less reliable.

On the other hand, security guards can offer protection at the entrance and exits points of your business without any problems. All you need to do is simply get in touch with a company that offers security services in Montreal.

Cases of crime in parking lots

There is no doubt that unattended parking lots can be a perfect spot for criminal activities. Therefore, if you are worried about the possibilities of vandalism and crime in your parking lot, you should go ahead and hire security professionals to monitor potential breeding grounds for unlawful activities.

With the aid of security guards, you can effectively keep track of the activities that occur at the parking lot. The security guards will patrol the parking lot ensuring people, property and cars are safe. A safer business environment gives you the advantage of getting more potential clients.

Number of visitors

You may also require a visitation plan depending on the number of visitors that come to your business premise on a regular basis.  If the number of visitors is significantly high, your best bet to boost security is finding the best security company that offers a variety of services such as creating an effective visitation plan for a business.

The visitation system will help you to effectively monitor people who are coming into your business and leaving. It is one of the most efficient ways that minimizes cases of intellectual or even property theft in your business.

Dealing with staff theft

Apparently, staff theft and vendor mischief are some of the most serious threats that many businesses face. According to research by organizations specializing on security matters, employee theft really costs a business. Billions of dollars are lost annually by big corporations due to employee theft. Therefore, it is definitely a matter worth giving your attention. Security companies basically help ensure that both your employees and vendors are honest when handling various tasks.

Rise in level of violence

You may notice that the level of violence is on the rise around your business area. This is also a good reason to pick up your phone and call the security experts. Rise in crime rate around your business is a serious menace. You could lose potential clients and even get employee turnover problems. Therefore, you can simply hire a security company to not only avoid these issues but also minimize robberies, vandalisms and other criminal activities.

It is always good to have an effective security system in your business. However, a security system is simply not enough for your business. Adding security personnel to your business makes a huge difference because it puts you in a position to address some of the issues that machines cannot effectively handle and produce the best outcome.

How To Make Your Home Backyard Completely Burglar Proof

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Although the cases of home break-ins have been on the rise, you can actually take a few steps to beef up security at your home. Mostly, people pay more attention to the inside of their homes when working on security. However, it is equally important to consider the home exterior. In particular, the backyard is one of the prime targets. By making your backyard burglar-proof, you will be one a step ahead when it comes to home security. Here are useful tips to help you make your backyard more secure.

Install sensor lighting

You can always count on motion sensor lighting to keep your backyard secure.  Lighting works particularly well in a backyard that is intensively foliaged. The minute the motion sensor detects movement, the lights will come on and stay on for around 15-20 seconds. Keep in mind that this actually relies on the preset timer.

That means that you can set the motion sensor lighting to actually stay on for 1 second, 10 seconds or even 25 seconds depending on your preferences.  The best part about sensor lights is that they are not really expensive to install. Moreover, they are the ideal deterrents for burglars.

Keeping back property secure

People keep a number of items in their backyards. Some of these items are actually lie in the backyard all year round. It is important to ensure that these items are protected. They include BBQs, ladders, tools and patio furniture among others. A few simple ideas can help you prevent the sudden disappearance of any of these items in your backyard.

First, ensure that your ladders are properly secured by padlocking or chaining them. Secondly, ensure that all the tools that may be used by burglars against you are safely kept away. Lastly, chain your patio furniture to ensure you do not lose them to burglary.

Fence installation

12286924036 410ec0a3f6 300x227 How To Make Your Home Backyard Completely Burglar Proof

A backyard needs a strong fence to be more secure. The fence ought to be too high to climb through and too hard to break making it hard to access the backyard. A chain-link fence or a picket fence (containing sharp points) are some of the options that you may work with to keep your backyard safer and secure.

You should pay attention to the locking mechanism of your fence. Always go with a latching or lock that self closes. Do not settle for latches that have latch holes that allow access to your backyard from the outside. This is because even though it may be easier for you to get into your backyard from the outside, your backyard will be more susceptible to burglars.  Therefore, ensure you work with the right locking mechanism when it comes to backyard fencing.

An effective alarm system

Your best bet for preventing theft and all burglary-related cases is installing an effective security system. A good alarm is a very effective way of deterring burglars from breaking into your home. Burglars basically like going for easy targets. Installing a good alarm system serves as the perfect deterrent. Even though you may not have alarms in the backyard, it is good to always make it clear to would-be burglars that your home has an effective alarm system in place. You can use signs or stickers of security companies that provide security guard and patrol services in Montreal among other services. In addition, you can make your cameras more visible and ensure there are clear watch signs.

If you want a safer and secure backyard, you can use these tips to make things better. Motion sensor lighting is a great and cost-effective option so you should get it right away. The property in your backyard needs to be protected. It is advisable to take pictures of the items in your backyard so you can have something to refer to when dealing with insurance companies.

What Are The Most Effective Ways Of Preventing False Alarms?

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Nothing can be as annoying as getting a false alarm. First, if you were in the middle something important, you really get distracted and disoriented because of the resulting anxiety and heightened stress level. Moreover, it can be a bit costly as the cost rises depending on the frequency of the false alarm.

Therefore, it is good to know some of the effective measures that can help you deal with false alarms. That way, you will be able to peacefully resume your normal activities even after a moment of distraction. Here are useful tips to help you manage your alarm systems and ensure there are as fewer cases of false alarms as possible.

Fully understand your security system

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If you are unfamiliar with your security system, there is a high likelihood of getting false alarms. This is actually one of the common reasons why most people get false alarms at their homes or business premises. Alarms can be triggered off accidentally. The only way to address the problem is by ensuring that you fully understand how the security system functions. Of course, you do not have to know everything about the system to the core.

A basic knowledge on the functionality of the security system will suffice. This entails carrying out routine tests to understand how activation and deactivation works. However, you should always call the monitoring station or even a security consultant in Montreal to let them be aware that you are testing their security system.

Handling sensors and detectors

Sensors need to be installed on all the entries and exits of your home. Moreover, they should be properly installed for effective performance. Essentially, sensors carry out the primary function of detecting unexpected movements. This means that if you fail to attach them properly to the walls, you are more likely to get false alarm at home.

In addition, you should refrain from putting or hanging moving objects near the sensors as these also increase the chances of a false alarm. In particular, when handling both smoke and temperature sensors, ensure that they are far from stoves, thermostats or even a fireplace. These can confuse the sensors.

Regular monitoring of the system

It is highly recommendable to monitor your security system from time to time to assess its functionality and effectiveness. For instance, it is good to ensure that the batteries are perfectly alright. If they are drained, you will have to replace them. There are quite a number of factors that may result to quick drainage of the battery power. You should also know the lifespan of your security system. As in the case of smoke detectors, they are expected to function for up to 10 years at most.

High-tech systems

It is also advisable to invest in high-tech security systems. For instance, a conventional sensor may be able to keep track of unexpected movements at home. However, it may lack the intelligence to distinguish between your dog and an intruder who is a real threat in this scenario. This simply implies that investing in a security system that is pet-immune will do you more justice. High-tech security systems will give accurate results on many occasions.

You can address the issue of false alarms at home by using some of these guidelines. In fact, if you want to be totally in control of your security system, you may consider getting surveillance cameras. Surveillance cameras go a long way to help you monitor your home while you are away. If you are working closely with security companies that provide remote monitoring services, you can be in a better position to determine if an alarm is false or genuine.

Which One Is Better – Dedicated Security Guards Or Security Patrol Services?

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Many communities have been facing a lot of challenges with respect to deciding if dedicated security guards are better than security patrol services. Which is the right one to choose from? Perhaps as a company or home owner, you are facing, vandalism, automobile break-in’s or other activities that are undesirable. Something has to be done to straighten out these security lapses. Keeping this in view, a reputable security company in Montreal will usually offer these two main services to its clients. The final decision lays on the client to choose the one that suits him the most.

Your location can be a factor when comparing these two security services. You have to realize the fact that they are totally different in many ways. Overall, effectiveness and cost are the key factors that differentiate these two security options. Before taking any decision, it is better to first look at the options of each security service.

Patrol services

There are many companies that provide security patrol services. The cost of this service is reasonably low. In this kind of security service, the security company sets up a contract with their client to visit for a number of days and is often limited to a few nights. This is dependent on the clients’ agreement with the provider. This cost in this case may vary. The security patrol service is relatively less expensive. The wages and expenses of a single patrol company officer can be divided to almost thirty or more clients.

But what does this signify in terms of value of service and your property? In case a vehicle is broken, tenant needs assistance or a door is left unlocked, it will take some time before the security patrol is available. This may not be acceptable for some clients. No doubt, it is a useful security measure, but has its own limitations and is dependent on the client’s objectives, security goals and the problems they are facing.

There are two things you need to consider with respect to patrol service:

  • Will there be a dedicated communication or phone line provided by the patrol company?
  • What will be the outcome if patrol team is attending another client while you need assistance?

An infrequent and random patrol doesn’t allow the security guard the necessary time to take note of loiterers or distinguish between residents, customers and criminals. The drive through of the patrols is normally done on a high speed and with little observation of any suspicious activity. Due to the nature of this high speed drive through, suspicious groups aren’t confronted and with minimal contacts from customers.

One of the flaws of this security service is the issue of supervision of the officers or guards. If they are not properly supervised, the patrol might not be done effectively. Another problem common to this service is the issue of being overbooked and assigned to many clients. To overcome this issue, you can have an additional patrol supervisor, but it comes with an extra cost.

Dedicated security guards

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Instead of the security patrol guards, dedicated security guards that are allocated to your property offer a totally different value to your property, community and tenants. A dedicated security guard’s duty is to ensure that your property is fully secured. They look over your safety and assets. The guard in charge does this by leading preemptive foot patrols, making constant observation, interacting with people on site, investigating issues and answering to calls for service. The dedicated security guard is skilled to the specific needs of the property. For properties with high worth, this kind of security service may be the best to choose from.

How Does A Patrol Service Increase The Worth Of Your Property?

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Keeping the security needs in mind, patrol services are getting quite common these days. People prefer to live in those areas where such service is offered. No doubt this service ensures complete peace of mind and the residents feel that their property is safe from any kind of vandalism. There are a lot of security firms that are offering this service. These security patrol services in Montreal are not just affordable, but come in handy for increasing the worth and safety of your home. This is one of the reasons why many investors employ patrol services for keeping their properties safe. For those who are still thinking of the benefit of patrol services, no need to go far. The three major ways a patrol service can increase the worth of your property are:

The physical presence they create

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When it comes to the mitigating illegal activity on your property, passive and signage security measures seem to be the best possible solution. The establishment of a physical presence by seeking a patrol service sets the tone that you are ready for any unforeseen circumstance. This will give you a form of real intervention in the situation where criminals are trying to compromise with the security and safety of your property. Every suburban neighborhood has a “No Soliciting” sign. The presence of patrol service would signify this to intruders that the property is heavily secured.

They are the first point of contact

A security guard is the person one meets whenever he visits an office or a building. Under this case, you would never want such person to be someone who harass people or loiter around the vicinity. Over the period of time, these security officers become the face of the property. The moment a patrol service or security guard has been hired for the property, the person’s face automatically reflects safety, professionalism and courtesy. However, it is important to know that standard differs from each private security agencies and therefore you should be vigilant at the time of making a contract with any of them.

You can look for agencies that usually hire from law enforcement and military background.  Ask the agencies what other certifications, apart from the state license they look for when they hire security guards. For instance, First Aid Certifications can be a plus point for the guards who would be in charge of ensuring security and safety of your property. There are times when security agencies hire quality officers for getting high margin. Therefore, make sure you look for the agencies that have good customer care, ensure elite training and do not compromise on officer quality.

Service accountability

If you have decided to seek patrol service for your property, then make sure that the service provider is accountable to you. All security companies do not offer the same quality of service and therefore you need to be very careful in this regard. Always prefer to contact security companies that use patrol and security guard accountability systems. There are some patrol service companies that offer reports to their clients stating time, date and location. This enables the customer to know that the company is upholding its terms and conditions which they have agreed with you. On the other hand, the company too remains active and efficient and ensures good service.

Don’t underrate the importance of a patrol service in carrying out safety measures. While you may think of seeking traditional safety measures for the security, don’t forget to upgrade. These upgrades don’t necessarily have to be high-tech. Just like home automation and security systems; there may be other options that you might consider investing to increase the worth of your property.

Why Should You Outsource Your Security Needs To A Security Company?

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The crime rate is steadily increasing in different cities and areas, emphasizing on the importance of security systems and services. Commercial, residential and industrial sectors have their own specific needs and look for specialized security systems and security solutions in Montreal. These days, the trend of outsourcing the security needs to a reputable company is also increasing. Following benefits can be obtained by doing so:

  • Transfer of risk
  • Profitable and cost effective solution
  • Increases the quality of security
  • Enhances management flexibility
  • Improves focus

Those who have availed this service will agree to the fact that outsourcing your security matters gives a complete peace of mind. Once the contract is made, it becomes the responsibility of the security agency to look for the security guards and personnel having sound experience and training in their respective fields. Each industry has its own specification and requirements. For instance, when it comes to entertainment industry, people look for agencies that have experience in securing the venues, are licensed and have affiliates in every state. The staff provided by the security agencies knows how to control and manage their work efficiently and smoothly.

Following are some other benefits of outsourcing the task to the security agency:

Quality of staffing

2256035206 419cc83ce5 300x212 Why Should You Outsource Your Security Needs To A Security Company?

There are some reputable security agencies operating in the market that are well known for their field personnel and managers. These two areas are considered as the most critical determinant of the quality of the security product. The market for security agencies has become quite competitive and therefore these companies adopt rigorous standards when it comes to training, hiring, motivating and reviewing their personnel. Some of the most common protocols that are always followed include:

  • State license of the guards
  • Relevant experience of the security staff
  • Physical abilities are tested
  • Intelligence measured
  • Integrity evaluated

Management process

Whether you have a grand corporate event coming up or you need security guards for your commercial property, these security agencies have a complete solution to your needs. Their management and processes are quite organized and also align with the company’s vision and are in accordance with the federal and state laws. They are known for maintaining tight controls over daily operations through proper defined procedural protocol, management reporting system, frequent performance reviews etc. The best part about these companies is that that always maintain regular liaison with their client and respond to their changing needs.

Detailed security program

When hiring any security agency, always look for the one that offers the most reliable and comprehensive security guard services. The security program of these companies must cover the following:

  • Evaluations and risk assessment of prior to deployment
  • Enforcement of management objectives and policies with respect to access, decorum and acceptable conduct.
  • Intervene to protect, abort and prevent all sorts of threats to the property and people.

As you sign a contract with any of these companies, a security manual is given to the client that contains the following:

  • Point of contact and emergency numbers
  • Security officers’ rules and regulations with respect to their appearance and rules of conduct.
  • Overview of their duties
  • Station specific duties
  • Usage of security equipment and procedures

Well-equipped and trained resources

There are a few security agencies that provide the required security equipment to the staff as well. These one-stop-shop security agencies are a blessing indeed. The most common equipment offered by these companies includes:

  • Radios
  • Sensors
  • Hand metal detectors
  • Video

The outsourcing of your security services helps your business too stay profitable and remain competitive in the business world. When outsourcing for a security company, always remember to carry out a proper investigation from previous clients.

How To Recognize That You Need Personal Protection

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Personal protection is something that we normally associate with politicians, celebrities and other people in the public limelight. It is hard for an ordinary person to think that they need personal protection. The truth however is that anyone can utilize the services of a personal bodyguard. Certain circumstances come up every now and then in our lives when the services of a bodyguard can not only give you peace of mind but could also save you from serious injury or harm.

Knowing when you need the services of a bodyguard is key to forestalling these negative consequences. In this article, we list certain circumstances in which it would be wise to consider the services of a bodyguard.

If you have been stalked

stalking 300x201 How To Recognize That You Need Personal Protection

Having a stalker is one of the most terrifying things a person can experience. Stalkers can either be complete stranger or can be someone well known to the victim such as in the case of an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. The first thing that we should do if we have a stalker is to report to the police so that appropriate action can be taken. When dealing with a stalker, it can be reassuring for you to have a bodyguard until the stalking episode is dealt with. Having someone keep an eye on you might also have the effect of deterring the stalker if the other measures undertaken have not already deterred him or her.

If threats have been made to your life

If you have received death threats, it is advisable to ensure that you take steps to protect yourself. Never take such threats lightly and always report to the police so that steps can be taken to identify the source of the threats and take action if necessary. Depending on the severity of the threats, you might consider hiring the services of a bodyguard until the origin of the threats is identified and dealt with.

If you have encountered negative public reaction

There are many reasons why an individual could elicit a negative reaction from the public. He or she might be involved in a high profile and controversial court case in which a section of the public might deem them to be in the wrong. An Individual might also be the public face of a business or an institution that could be in the middle of a public scandal. Either way, being in such a situation always creates the risk that one or several members of the public might actually carrying out the threat. In such a situation, it would be beneficial to hire a bodyguard until the negative public reaction has ended.

If you are travelling to an unsafe country

If you are about to travel to a high-risk country, it would be wise to consider hiring the services of a bodyguard. The Canadian government offers security risk assessment of all countries.  If a country is listed as highly risky, you are better off travelling with a bodyguard to minimize the risk of harm during travel. Your security solution company will advise on the number of bodyguards and other precautions that you should take based on their assessment of the security risk.

Bodyguards and personal protection services are not just needed by celebrities and politicians. As we have shown, these services can be helpful to individuals depending on the circumstances that they find themselves in.

In addition to personal protection, a good security company will also offer advice on other security elements such as home security when facing any of the above situations. There are a number of security companies offering security solutions in Montreal that can give your excellent advice if you decide to seek the services of a bodyguard.

Why Should You Hire Personnel From a Security Firm For Your Events

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Event security is a service that removes the burden of security from the minds of event organizers. With the knowledge that you do not have to worry about security, you are then free to concentrate on the main business of the day.

Crowd control

If it is a large event, there is definitely need for security to monitor and control the crowd. Large crowds are bound to get rowdy and can easily get out of hand. In these instances, it is then the sensible thing to engage the services of a professional security firm to provide the much needed management to prevent stampedes, disorderly behaviour from drunkards or riots.

Crowd control is normally used in events such as school functions, art exhibitions or any event that involves large crowds. At the events, the security guards use metal detectors and sniffer dogs to prevent illegal material like drugs from getting into the venue. In this era of terrorism, the sniffer dogs are trained to sniff out explosives.

Escorts and manned guarding

If the event goes on way into the night, the security guards engaged can be useful in escorting guests to and from their cars. They also man the door during events where access to the event is controlled. In the event that it is an event that involves alcohol, they will man the doors and ensure that no minor gets in.

They check for identification and do body searches to ensure nothing illegal is brought into the venue. They also keep surveillance during the event and watch for drunk and rowdy characters. They will have metal detectors too in the event someone brings a gun to the venue. Any person who comes with a gun has to have a licence or else turned away.

Monitoring guest list

5858397881 48a58194ea 300x225 Why Should You Hire Personnel From a Security Firm For Your Events

It is easy to have gate crashers during events that are guests only, especially parties. Hiring a security firm ensures that only those on the guest list access the venue. Having to turn away a guest is awkward and embarrassing. It is much easier when there are guards at the door which makes it less personal and removes the awkwardness from the situation.

Crime detection

The presence of a security firm is a sure way to detect and thwart criminals from an event. In the event that a crime does happen, you are assured of the crime scene being secured and handled in a very professional manner before the police arrive. They will handle the crime scene with care and effectively detain any suspects they arrest with efficiency and professionalism. They will also collect evidence and take witness statements in case of a crime or accident. Most security guards in Montreal are highly trained in security matters and are well suited for enforcing event security,

Protecting VIPs

There may be dignitaries attending the event and you’d want to be at ease, even with police protection. The security firm will work in liaison with the police to protect the dignitaries. This also brings into play the issue of access control. For example, if the event is a music concert that may easily get out of hand, the security guards will monitor and control who has direct access to the celebrity. Fans are likely to get out of hand, so the guards provide a buffer between the crowds and the celebrity.

Hiring a security firm for an event is definitely a good move. It leaves you at ease to concentrate on enjoying the event without having to worry about security. The guards are always alert and stationed all over while monitoring the crowd. In the event a person gets rowdy, they are well trained to handle the situation. They are also well trained in the event of an accident or crime and will secure the situation before the police arrive.