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Why Are Periodic Security Audits Important?

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Every person knows that they should consider their safety at all times. No one will ever dare take a road trip without ensuring that their car tires and engines are working properly. Every single person who values his health will also want to take a trip to the doctor at least once every year. Of course, every business owner will value the security of his company’s assets too. In line with this, periodic security audits should be conducted. Why is this so important?

It is the best way to check any breach in terms of security

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You have to take care of the data that goes into your computers as there may be confidential information that you do not want to compromise. These pieces of information may not just be your own business data but those of your clients as well. Unless you conduct periodic security audits, you will not be able to detect any fraud that might have been existing for quite some time now.

Through this, you can guard your assets against security threats

Security threats, remember, do not come just once in a while. In fact, if you happen to be listening to news, you will find out that threats come and go on a daily basis and are in different forms and sizes. Your own security system may be vulnerable to all possible attacks from security threats if you fail to conduct periodic security audits.

It can also help you make smart moves in terms of investments

A company is not just about delivering products and services to consumers. Of course, it also involves making investments from time to time. If you conduct security audits religiously then you can also focus your attention on which investments are smart to make and whether they will give you higher return in the future or not.

It also gives you an edge over your competitors

When you began your business, you know very well that you have many competitors in the market. If you regularly check on your statistics via security audits, you will be able to find out what keeps your peers in the business ahead of you. You might want to take their lead and with the periodic checks that you make on your security, you will be able to devise a plan that will put you on top of the leaderboard.

It is one way of attracting consumers to do business with you

Consumers are very smart as to making choices of who to deal with when it comes to their needs. Like you, they never want to compromise their safety. With periodic security audits, you will be able to show your consumers and your prospects that their needs are of utmost importance to you above anything else. When they learn that you conduct security management checks regularly, they will feel at ease and will never have second thoughts about doing business with you in the future.

Essential things to remember when conducting periodic security threats

Sometimes, it is not enough to list down the importance of conducting periodic security audits in order to convince you that your business is heading the right track. You have to learn how to conduct it. It will be important to trace possibilities as to how your security can be compromised whether through internal or external attacks. You might also want to reassess your business network architecture to be able to deal with these threats. It will help to devise an alternative plan in case you find out that your security has been compromised.

Of course, you will also need to hire someone who will help you in this case. A security consultant in Montreal will assist you in conducting these audits.

Canada’s Policies That Ensure You Are Hiring The Security Guard That You Need

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With the many companies offering security services all over Canada, you may be wondering how you can spot the people who can help ensure your safety at all times. Existing policies in Canada will actually be an assurance that you will be able to hire the security guard that you need. Get to know these policies better. Take note that some details of these policies may vary from one province to another but basically here are the rules that apply to all.

Policies on eligibility for the position

Security guards in Canada will only be hired once they reach the age of 18 which is the legal age of work in the country. Some provinces will require that the applicant will at least be 19 years old before they are hired for the job. Add to this, every applicant is screened in order to make sure that they do not have any criminal record. Criminal background checks are made to assure that you are hiring someone with a clean record.

Professional license is required

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This will be issued only once the applicant passes an exam. The provincial ministry administers the exam. Before taking the written exam, applicants will be required to undergo training via a 40-hour course. Take note though that the exam is just one of the steps that these applicants undergo before they are offered employment as security guards. There are yet other requirements that will guarantee an applicant the license that they need.

Applicants are also required to submit documents to secure their security guard license

Securing a license as a security guard is not just about going through the 40-hour course and passing the exam. It will also require submitting some forms that need to be filled out. This is done through the provincial government. Basically, the form is available through them. Once the applicant secures a license he will be required to renew it yearly.

Personality is very important

Security guards are not just hired after meeting the above-mentioned requirements. Most of the time, an applicant should be able to balance his interests with those of the interests of people whom he will soon serve. As said, being a security guard is an interesting job considering the challenges that come with it. Every applicant will feel a sense of fulfillment once hired for employment.

Above these things, however, it is crucial to note that a certain kind of personality will make the applicant a better person fit for the job. In Canada, it is important for one to have a sense of responsibility, meaning, a security guard should be able to look after the welfare of people he will serve. Also, it will be good for one to have a keen eye for details. Being a security guard, after all, is not an easy job. One has to be alert at all times. Most of all, before a security guard is hired for the job, his love for others must always prevail.

Bottom line

Canada’s policies will definitely ensure that you hire the best security guards that you need for your business or for any personal security matter. This will make it easier for you to make sure that your assets are safeguarded at all times. They go through rigid training that will make them physically fit for the job as well.

But of course, you should not just presume that every security guard in Canada have undergone these rudiments. You have to make sure you hire from companies who have checked on all these eligibilities themselves. If you want to be guaranteed the best service ever, you can hire security guards in Montreal from us.

Simple Steps To Take To Improve Condo Security

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If you have lived in a detached house before and you have exercised due diligence to make sure you and the rest of the household members are safe then you might as well think that it will be easy to stay in a condo should you decide to in the future. Well, that assumption is partially correct since the basics to safety apply in both types of homes. But you have to remember the simple steps below to make sure living in a condo is safe at all times.

Be familiar with your surroundings

You have to make sure you have checked on every detail regarding the neighbourhood – including the safety of nearby shopping centres and all other amenities found in the place. You also have to be familiar with your neighbours. Since you are living literally close to these people, you need to get to know them well.

Know the entrances and exits

It is always important to be familiar with these things so you will know very well where to run to in case of emergencies. With entrances and exits, indoor parking as well as storage facilities are included. You might want to get to know where you can locate emergency sirens or panic buttons so that it will be easier to call for help later on in the event that there is fire or any other calamity that will hit the place.

Think about access control as well

You may presume that access control and security are one and the same thing. The truth is that access control can be defined as limiting or restricting any third party’s access to the building. Security, on the other hand, can be used together with access control in order to alert any authorised personnel regarding a breach that may take place within the place.

Alongside this, you have to make sure that there is limited access to areas where unwanted visitors may enter the building. You do not want them gaining access to your unit or anybody else’s unit for that matter. If you notice any malfunctioning door then report to authorised person as well.

Don’t forget to lock the door whenever you leave

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It will also be wise to double or even triple check whether you have locked the door or not before you leave. Often, this step is being neglected by many up until something goes wrong. In line with this, you should make better use of your door’s peepholes. Make sure you peep through it whenever someone is knocking at your door before opening it.

Make sure that locks have been changed before you occupy the unit

There are many cases when someone else may have occupied the unit you are going to rent or buy before you. If this is the scenario, you have to make sure that the locks have been changed before you move in. This will prevent any possibilities that the previous owner will barge into the unit. It will also be well worth it to note who you have given duplicate keys to. Of course, you should make sure you have removed the key from the key hole when you leave for an errand or for work.

Prevent placing your names on the mailbox

Some condo units have mailboxes on the first floor of the building. You might think it is a good idea to have your name printed on the mailbox you own but to keep you safe, it will be better to just have the unit number placed on it instead. This will prevent the possibility of strangers telling your neighbours that they know you when in fact they do not.

Never place your lives and other lives at risk if you decide to live in a condo. Learn more about how we make sure you get the best in terms of condo security in Montreal.

Hiring Security Guards And Deciding On Their Placement

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Many companies these days take security seriously, and will therefore go a long way to spend money on it. Hiring security guards is just one of the ways of making sure that the company premises will be secure. However, if it is your role to oversee this, one of the issues you might need to deal with is: where should the guards be placed? The placement of security guards in and around a commercial facility will influence many things including the number of guards you need to hire. Some of the factors that can influence the placement of security guards in a building include:

The nature of the surrounding neighborhood 

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One aspect you need to be keen on is the nature of the surrounding neighborhood. If you live in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, then you might need to place security guards in practically all the entry points to your facility depending on the nature of the business. In some cases, some neighborhoods will have regular crime with specific patterns in which they are committed. For instance, it may be common to find that the criminals in a particular area prefer specific entries to buildings. This would then act as a guide on how to place the security guards to your building, as well as choosing how many of them you want.

The size of the complex 

Rather than having one large building, some business premises are designed in such a manner that they are located in one large compound, but with different complexes around the area. In such cases, the relative importance of each point in the complex can help you figure out where to place the security guards. For instance, if a particular installation is more important compared to the others, then you would want minimal disturbance at that facility. For this reason, you would make it more protected compared to the other buildings in the complex. The goal is to optimize the number of guards you hire, so that you don’t end up getting a lot more than you need which will waste money. Any quality security guard company in Montreal will give you all the technical tips you need to do this right.

The nature of the main entrance 

You will obviously have to put some security guards in the main entrance to an office complex or building. However, the nature of the entrance will guide you in determining how many of them you will place. Some businesses have main entrances that are large, and which need more than one person to secure. If both male and female people go through the main entrance, you may also need to have both male and female guards at the main entrance if searches are mandatory. This way, you will avoid scenarios where male guards search females or vice versa, which could be a recipe for gender-based lawsuits against your company.

The relative importance of several areas in the building complex 

In any office of building complex, some areas will require more security than others due to their sensitive nature. For instance, if one part of the building houses a mainframe computer which acts as the backbone of the company’s transactions, you definitely don’t want anyone besides the certified individuals to come near it. For this reason, you may need to place an extra guard or two to protect the entry to the room.

In some cases, you may require the guards protecting such areas to have specific skills in order to protect the areas as well as they can. For instance, if a part of the building houses very sensitive information or parts, you may anticipate forceful entry by competitors or other parties. In such cases, you would want the area to be protected by a guard who is trained in hand to hand combat.

Questions To Ask If You Are Hiring Guards for Crowd Control

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Due to the advent of technologies such as social media, it has become easier than before to organize events and have numerous people attend in large numbers. For event organizers, this is a good thing since it means that they can make more money more frequently depending on how they strategize the events. However, having many people in a venue comes with a new type of danger: the safety of the attendants. There are many instances in history where too many people congregated in an area for an event, which then turned out chaotic and lead to either injury or death to a number of the patrons.

The number of things that can contribute to this is large, including poor planning, events that could cause a panic and stampede, a reduction in the number of emergency exits and many more. The use of a company that provides security solutions in Montreal as part of the planning is important, since it helps in cementing the role of the event organizer as a reliable and trustworthy service provider. When choosing guards from such a facility, you need to ask yourself a number of questions which will then guide you with various details including the number of guards you should hire. Some of these include:

Is it prone to any possible chaos?

EVENTGUARDS 300x178 Questions To Ask If You Are Hiring Guards for Crowd Control

If you are organizing an event which is likely to be peaceful, there is usually little chance of it turning chaotic in future. Examples of these include rallies for causes such as stopping cruelty against animals. However, when the crowd is likely to be polarized, this could result in a few skirmishes which could then evolve into full-blown violence.

An example of this is when you organize a boxing event where one half rabidly supports one fighter, while the other half strongly supports the competitor. In such cases, you know that emotions can run high, and this in turn means that there is a high chance of issues such as violence breaking out. In these situations, you are better off hiring multiple security guards who can handle this. The ratio of guards to patrons should be higher than in other events in anticipation of the violence and skirmishes.

How many people will be in attendance?

This is usually one of the most obvious questions asked when hiring security guards for an event. The number of people who are going to attend the event will influence the number of guards you will get. When an event is slated to have thousands of patrons, then you have no option but to hire a large number of guards to keep things calm. However, when the crowd size is going to be just ten or twenty people, then you only need one or two guards to keep things in order.

Do you have an evacuation plan?

There is the possibility of issues such as fires occurring, and these will then lead to a stampede. Irrespective of the venue of the event, you should have a clearly defined evacuation plan. The plan should be designed in such a manner that it will result in all the patrons leaving the area in the shortest time possible.

It is important to make such plans with the company you are hiring the guards from, and also make sure that the guards have all the details regarding such plans. This way, they will be in a better position to guide the patrons to the exit points in case of such an issue. Since security firms have a lot of experience in this, they are likely to be better advisors when it comes to designing an evacuation plan.

The Most Important Aspects Of Effective Security Guard Patrols

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Security guard patrols are some of the most important jobs that most security guards will do. This ensures that they keep an eye on all the elements of a property. Patrols also act as a deterrent towards would-be criminals, since they would notice the guard patrolling the property. However, it’s important to understand that a security guard patrol is not just about walking around; there is a method to the patrol that makes it an effective tool in securing the premises. Firms that offer truly professional building security in Montreal understand this, and usually go to great lengths to ensure that all their employees understand how to carry out an effective patrol. Some of the things that have to be in place to make a patrol truly effective include:

Always having defensive gear when on patrol 

DirectPS 12 300x200 The Most Important Aspects Of Effective Security Guard Patrols

When going on patrol, the guard needs to have their defensive gear with them. Each patrol is always different, and the guard may end up coming into contact with individuals who have less than pure intentions. One may not be allowed to carry a gun as a security guard, but they are usually given other defensive gear such as truncheons. Guards never know what they might encounter when they go on patrol, so it’s advisable for them to carry such items with them.

This also means that when hiring security guards, it would be prudent for the client to find out more about how they are kitted. This includes the types of defensive gear they are given as standard, as well as any other equipment they are given.

Comfortable shoes 

There is a lot to be said for comfortable shoes for guards who are going on patrol. If a guard goes on patrol and has shoes that are not comfortable, chances are that they will make the patrol as short as possible, and they will also not focus on the danger signs that they are supposed to be focusing on. In addition to that, they are less likely to make several patrols, which may reduce their effectiveness as security guards. The result of this is that the facility is likely to end up being more open to attacks, thefts and burglary since the guards will not be working as optimally as they are supposed to.

In order to prevent this, the company you are getting the guards from should ensure that all of them are offered comfortable shoes. This shifts their focus away from the discomfort in their feet to actually doing their job, and also encourages them to make multiple patrols which increases the safety of the facility by a huge factor.

Conversing with people during the patrols 

When security guards are out on patrol, they are likely to end up in contact with people that they need to talk to. These could be people who are in prohibited areas of the property or those who are trespassing. When doing this, the conversation should be done in a tactical manner. Trained guards are usually advised to maintain distance between them and the person they are talking to, to always make sure that they take note of the person’s demeanor and to try to make them comply to their demands without violence. In many cases, it is possible to diffuse potentially dangerous encounters by simply talking to the other individual in a certain manner.

These are just some of the factors that make a patrol more effective. There are many more, including keeping the patrol intervals random and making sure that one uses different routes for each patrol in order to be unpredictable. As long as you have hired the guards from a trustworthy, professional firm, you can be sure that they will do all the above with ease.

How To Secure Parking Lots in A Commercial Building

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Commercial buildings usually have parking facilities for the individuals working in them. To give them peace of mind, the relevant steps often need to be taken to ensure that the vehicles will be safe. Reducing the risk of theft or vandalism requires one to think about some of the potential ways in which the above can be done, and then putting in place measures to curb them. Typically, this does not need to cost as much as most people think it will. There are several critical aspects of ensuring that a parking lot in a commercial building is safe. These include:

Limited access 

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Limiting parking access to only the people who work in the building is one way of enhancing safety, as well as ensuring that the parking will be enough for all the employees. Limiting access to the parking lot can be done in a number of ways, the most common of which is giving staff members stickers that they put on their car windshields to show that they have the right to park there. If the company provides name tags, these can also be used in the same manner as well. Limiting access to a parking lot in a commercial building will ensure that parties intending to vandalize or steal the vehicles will have a much lower chance of doing so. In most cases, you will need a security guard to enforce this policy.

Regular patrols 

Though they might seem to be a waste of time, patrols by security guards are actually very good methods of enforcing security in a commercial building and its parking lot. However, such patrols should not involve just walking around. They should be done with the objective of making sure that all the parked cars are not tampered with.

Patrols can also be used to identify individuals who have the potential to steal or vandalize cars, and then stop them before they do so. As you can see, such a patrol is a focused one and has clear objectives that need to be fulfilled. You will need to get such security patrol services in Montreal from companies that have a good reputation, and which invest in training their security guards to the highest levels.

Car movement control 

An important element of securing parking lots in a commercial building involves controlling the movement of cars into and out of the parking lot. This provides an opportunity for one to identify the driver, and ascertain that they are the actual owners of the vehicle, rather than someone who simply stole the car. Some of the control measures that are common in these settings include bollards and automated gates, which allow cars to pass one by one. This is particularly important if other checks have to be done depending on the company’s policies.

Limiting the entry and exit points 

During parking lot design, one should limit the number of entry and exit points if they are to keep it safe. This way, any car that is driven out of the parking lot will be forced to use a particular exit, which in turn makes it easier for any security guard to check for any suspicious activity in case the car is stolen.

Limiting the entry and exit points from the parking lot should be done while keeping in mind the fact that it can lead to traffic congestion. To avoid this, the entry and exit points should be designed with the expected traffic volume in mind. For instance, in the case of a very large parking lot with many cars, it would be wise to install more than one manned entry and exit point, so as to ensure that more cars can move in and out of the parking lot in a given time.

What Security Guards Look Out For When They Are On Patrol

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At first glance, security guards that are patrolling an area seem to be doing little. However, trained security guards usually have good reasons as to why they do such rounds. There are specific things that they often look out for during a patrol. Some of these include:

Checking all entrances and exits 

ID 100184516 300x200 What Security Guards Look Out For When They Are On Patrol

When guarding a building, security guards have to constantly check the state of any doors to the premises. Those that lead to more sensitive parts of the building usually receive more attention than the rest. Rather than simply looking at the door and figuring out if it’s open or not, well-trained security guards often go the extra step to check the lock and handle for signs of tampering. This could indicate that an individual tried to gain access to the building through this door, and would call for further investigation and probably put in place more security features to deter this.

Looking out for suspicious objects 

In current times, the threat of terrorist attacks is very real in virtually all parts of the world. Having a trained security guard is an advantage when it comes to preempting such a strike. During their patrols, these security guards also look out for objects that are out of place, such as bags, briefcases and other objects which could potentially be harmful. If the item is very suspicious, they have the mandate to have the item examined by a professional body, such as a bomb squad. Regular thorough patrols can therefore thwart these incidents.

Taking note of people with odd behavior

In addition to inanimate objects, Montreal security guards with adequate training are also usually taught on how to identify and deal with individuals who might pose a security threat to what the guards are protecting. To do this effectively, the security guard would need to look out for specific behavior such as hanging around the same place for too long without seeming to have any business there. They may also have a shifty look about them. Basically, this boils down to having skill in reading body language in order to identify individuals who potentially pose a security risk to the facility.

Reading body language is not an innate skill, which is why the guards need to be trained to know what to look out for. This is also the reason why one is encouraged to hire trained guards when securing any facility.

Spotting ongoing crimes and stopping them

It is during a regular patrol that a security guard will have the highest chances of spotting an ongoing crime. In the case of a building, for instance, any would-be intruder would choose an entry point that is far away from the guard’s station so as not to be seen. However, if the guards are mobile, then they are more likely to be caught in the act, leading to a higher chance of stopping the crime and apprehending the suspects.

Providing help to individuals who might need it 

During the patrol, the guard might come across individuals who are lost or need some other type of help. In a building, for instance, a lost client could easily find themselves in an area of the building where they are not supposed to be, such as the server room. When a guard is on patrol, they are likely to come into contact with lost people and then guide them on how to get to where they need to go.

These are just a few of the many things that security guards look out for when on patrol. A security guard can only achieve this if he or she is trained properly, and therefore know what to look out for.

Health And Safety Tips For Security Guards On Duty

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When a security guard is on duty protecting a commercial building, the quality of service they offer is usually determined by how safe and comfortable they are. This is why occupational health and safety measures need to be provided for guards on duty. This is the mandate of the company that you hire the guards from. When guards are suitably protected, and kept safe from the dangers of the job, they are more likely to provide satisfactory services. This is why clients are always advised to hire security guards from firms that pay keen attention to their staff health and safety needs. Some of the health and safety tips suitable for a security guard include:

Wear appropriate clothing 

DirectPS 12 300x200 Health And Safety Tips For Security Guards On Duty

Security guards usually wear uniforms in order to be easy to identify, but their outfits should be selected based on a lot more than this. Other factors that need to be focused on include how comfortable the material is depending on the climate the guard is working in. For example, a security guard working during the winter should have clothing that keeps them warm, so that they can put all their focus on doing their job rather than keeping warm. The uniforms should not restrict movement, since security guards usually need to make several patrols around the property to make sure that it’s safe.

Have a clear understanding of workplace hazards 

Some security guards work in commercial buildings where hazardous materials are handled on a regular basis. Before deployment to such a facility, the guards need to be given information regarding the nature of the workplace hazards, as well as the effects they can have when one gets into contact with them.

In addition to that, they should also be clear on the set protocols that should be followed in case an individual is exposed to the material. This includes the type of first aid to be done, as well as how to contact the appropriate emergency agencies such as ambulances and bodies that provide services to contain hazardous materials.

Trained on emergency procedures 

There are some emergencies that can affect a commercial building or any other type of building for that matter. These usually include fires and earthquakes. A worst-case scenario is where such an event occurs, and everyone involved panics leading to problems such as stampedes and unnecessary loss of life.

To avert this, the security guards should be briefed on the emergency procedures that should be followed when such events occur. One may also schedule random, unexpected drills several times a year to make sure that they retain this information. In addition to saving their own lives, training the security guards on this can also help in saving other people’s lives as well.

The training provided for security guards who are to offer commercial building security in Montreal should be preferably basic, and designed in such a manner as to increase the chances of minimizing injury and death before professionals come in to handle the matter. It would therefore be wise to select types of training that would be most important for the security guard in that particular setting.

Understand the limits of their abilities

It’s very important for any security guard to know the bounds of their abilities in as far as what they can and cannot do. For instance, if they notice a suspect package left on the premises and they think it’s a bomb, it would be wise for them to call the relevant experts to handle the issue rather than trying to do it themselves. This simply involves making sure that they have a clear job description that they fully understand.

Top Tips To Secure Your Office Environment

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Any business establishment or company must always reconsider revamping their operations regularly and consistently. Changes have to be made in order to leverage the business from their competitors and to make sure that everyone is working in a very peaceful environment. Part of the change is to make sure that the company is secure at all times. How do you ensure that your office environment stay safe?

Threats should be managed right away

7465734928 cec637b4c0 300x290 Top Tips To Secure Your Office Environment

There are many reasons to fear for your company’s security. Apart from the possibilities of burglars or thieves sneaking in, consider the fact that even people within the company may put your safety at stake. It is in this regard that it is important to observe your day-to-day activities and make sure that any threat is managed immediately.

Large companies are advised to install high-tech security systems that will help monitor the daily activities of each employee. These systems can also help organise company data whilst also showing management security risks as it happens. All these technologies must be accompanied by policies and procedures to protect company assets.

Real problems must be solved immediately

The purpose for putting up high-tech systems to work for security purposes is to monitor the ins and outs of the business on a daily basis. What comes next when security is compromised? Well, it will be no less than solving the problem right away. It will be good to call the attention of any personnel involved in the security issue and look back into company policies to be able to see any corresponding sanction that must be given to the culprit.

Do not wait days or weeks or even months to perform an action. There is no way you should give that person a chance to change or else you will give him a chance to steal funds and falsify documents to later on compromise company security.

Consolidate security procedures

It is very important to be able to manage security threats within the company environment by making sure that security functions and protections are made using only one system. Here is where consolidation comes in. Consolidating these security-related policies and procedures will allow you to have better control over company threats and will give you better and quicker response time to all threats.

Security management solutions must support operational efficiency

It is important not to compromise your usual operational efficiency just because you are integrating a new security management solution into your office environment. You will not want the idea of introducing a security system that will put operations at risk. Make sure the new system does not change your operations in its entirety.

Threat management should always be a part of the security solution

Threat in the workplace occurs in many various forms and in different departments. You will definitely want access to all these threats using one dashboard that provides a visual of what actually happens. The dashboard must be able to function in all aspects of these threats from analysis to monitoring to mitigation. This will help you track any changes that will take place with the occurrence of such threats.

Automating operations is also crucial

Automating the security system will help you manage your network in a better manner. Using cloud management systems will definitely be a great help in the process. Automating the system will likewise give you better control over your operations whilst also controlling the functions performed by each employee in the workplace such that there will be no reason for them to access data or information that they are not supposed to have access to.

Do you want to free your company environment from security threats? Now is the time to hire a security consultant in Montreal who can perform a thorough security audit to assess your office or business building security. Let us help you plan a security system that will give your business the protection that it needs!