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The Top 3 Benefits Of Hiring Patrol Security Services

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When it comes to securing your business or residential property, you have two options- hire a security guard or enlist mobile patrol services. Hiring a security officer to stand watch at your property is beneficial but mobile patrols have also become popular lately. Usually, homeowners and businesses never consider hiring a patrol service but this service offers a superior level of security. Whether you want to secure your commercial property or residence, mobile patrol guard service acts as an effective visible deterrent.

The patrol security guards cover a specific geographical area by patrol vehicles, bicycles, or on foot to watch for suspicious activity. They use local security agents to get access to local information and can cover both random and scheduled routes. To achieve top-level security, a mobile patrol service can compliment stand watch services. It is also a great alternative to an on-site security guard. Unlike the traditional security guard solutions, patrol guards are not fixed to a single location which helps in avoiding potential threats and prevent criminals from inflicting any harm. You can also keep a track of what’s going around your premise because mobile patrol professionals use electronic GPS and time-stamped reports of each patrol.

Mobile patrol security is the best way to secure your home, business, or any event. If you’ve never considered hiring patrol guards, here are some reasons why mobile patrol security guard service is one of the best security services.

  1. All Round Security

The patrol security guard receives training to perform major security tasks such as identify threats, crowd control, property patrolling, and more. They perform their duty on wheels, as well as on foot to ensure the safety of every corner of the place. When you hire mobile patrol guards, they will take rounds all over your premises to ensure that the place is completely safe. These guards possess prior security service experience which helps them in developing the perfect security strategies that are tailored to your specific security concerns.

  1. Multiple Security Services

Mobile patrol units not only perform typical security services but other functions also. The patrol guards can carry out multiple tasks to ensure the optimal safety of their clients. Besides patrolling, the guards can physically check the entire building and all doors and windows, to ensure the property is secure. They also provide lock and unlock services, quick identification of illegal issues, vacant premises inspections, escort employees and customers, accept deliveries, keep watching contractors, after-hours door checking and much more.

  1. Quick Response

Whether it’s your home or office, there’s always a risk of fire or theft. In case, a fire breaks out or a burglar breaks in, your guards can respond right away. During emergencies, you need professionals to respond immediately and take the necessary steps to protect you from the danger until help arrives. If you’re a business owner, a sudden alarm set off by accident can cause a great deal of inconvenience. But when you have security professionals, they can handle every situation at any time. They can even contact the law enforcement officers or fire department if needed.

Reasons to Hire Security Guards for a Retail Business

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Every business is at risk of theft and vandalism. For a business owner, it may not be possible to secure the premise from different kinds of risks alone. So, to keep the business property, customers, and employees safe, business owners rely on security guards. When it comes to retail stores and malls, it’s even more important to hire security guards because of the added security concerns. The shopping malls and retail outlets have large crowds and significant foot traffic. It’s impossible to look after such a sizeable amount of people and secure the premise from robberies, fire, terrorism, etc. single-handedly.

Businesses like convenience stores, banks, and retail stores are often the first target of criminals and robbers. Ensuring the safety of the store, as well as customers is essential for multiple reasons. Shopping complexes and stores have a constant flow of people coming in and out. If a robber breaks into the store to steal the computers, cash, and other valuable items, it causes both short and long term monetarily loss. Once a retail outlet is targeted by criminals, employees start to feel unsafe, as well as customers avoid going there because they find the place unsafe. So, to prevent such criminal activities, it’s best to hire security guards. The security officers are competent to protect your business and provide peace of mind.

Are you on the fence about whether or not hiring a security guard is right for your business? If so, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring security officers in retail stores and malls.

Deter Shoplifting & Other Crime

The biggest challenge faced by retail stores is shoplifting. The petty thieves take advantage of the busy hours and these shoplifting incidences result in a lot of financial loss for a business. It’s difficult for business managers to keep an eye on everyone in the store. Even if you install CCTV camera, by the time you check the footage, it gets too late. So, to keep a track of products and customers in a store, it’s best to hire security guards. The presence of security officers deters criminal activities because the thieves avoid such places. Also, if someone still tries to shoplift, security officers make sure that the criminals are caught before they get away with their crimes.

Better Customer Service

The stores that have uniformed security officers on-site are preferred by customers. Simply the presence of a guard is enough to make people feel safe. Moreover, these guards not only keep an eye on criminals. The guards become a part of your business and customers usually first contact the front door guards for information like directions, business hours and any other basic assistance they may need. Your security guard can soon become your customer service representative, as well as an escort to customers or employees leaving the premises late at night.

Handle Emergency Situation

Shopping complexes and malls are more at the risk of emergencies like fire or terrorist attacks. Due to the presence of a number of people, crowd control can become a major issue. The situation may get more serious when people start to panic. Handling such a situation alone is impossible. When you have security guards, they act as a first responder. The licensed security guards are trained to react calmly and quickly in a high-stress situation. They can help in ensuring the safety of everyone present on the site and some may even have training in medical emergency response like CPR and First Aid.

How to Hire a Security Guard for Your Commercial Space

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If you are a business owner, you would realize how keeping up with the security of your business and employees has become challenging nowadays. The world is becoming uncertain, the crime rates are toughing sky high, and amidst this pressure, you can barely think of letting your premises unattended.

Considering that, more and more security guard service providers are brooding up in the market to save you from such hassles and restlessness. These individuals are trained to fight all the potential threats they witness to make sure the communities are secure.

But what are the things that set apart a security agency and make it win over others? Well, majorly it is their commendable ability to fulfill the responsibilities with loyalty and ensuring safety and guarding of the people around.

Here is a perfect guide for you to select reliable security guard services for your commercial and workspace.

  1. Check their background thoroughly

This is a mandatory step that has to be followed before you get any security guard on board. You cannot hire someone who has an evident criminal account in the past or possess a faulty record with the law.

So, to make sure you are delegating the job to the right person, collect their identification documents along with suitable proof as police verification. You can even ask a private investigator to double-check the legitimacy of the candidate.

  1. Ask for their total experience

Having a good two to three years of work experience enhances a candidate’s competencies. It is not that an amateur cannot safeguard your business; it is just that an experienced individual is more familiar with the risks related to the job and knows how to handle them efficiently.

Hence, shortlist only those security agencies that are in this field from a sufficient amount of time and are well-renowned in the city.

  1. Discuss their duty hours

Mostly the security guards are employed for a 12-hour job hour bracket in a day. However, some guards may be available for lesser time.

So, before you finalize any security guard, discuss their preferable working hours and make arrangements accordingly. Consider employing multiple guards if you wish to maintain security all around the clock.

  1. Choose someone with a pleasant personality

No, your security guard doesn’t have to be super handsome but at least should have a pleasant personality and plenty of etiquettes to meet and greet you and the people visiting your office.

Though the guards are trained to have a stoical appearance by the agencies, that doesn’t imply they should be rude or lack basic mannerisms.

  1. Talk about their salary and agreement of service

The salary and benefits of a security guard are highly dependent on the skills and experience he has. Other factors that matter are – training, qualification, duty hours and whether or not the guard is armed.

There might be a strict holiday policy in case your security guard comes from an agency. Overtime and bonus may also be applicable. Therefore, scrutinize these aspects thoroughly before signing that dotted line.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Security Audit?

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A process that trained security professionals uses, to locate weak points in your property by accessing and analyzing it is called Security Audit. After examining it properly, they also offer an action plan to help you improve your security and safety. Security audit enhances the safety of people who live or work in the building and also prevent any kind of burglary or damage to the property. Thus, a security audit is necessary for commercial buildings, residential spaces that require increased security, condominiums, complexes, office tower, and schools.

Now you might be interested in knowing why a security audit is so important. Read on to know its advantages.


  1. Assessment of Security – Before going for any security plans, it is crucial to know your property. A security audit is the best option for that. Security audit service providers analyze the property and determine all the vulnerable points in your security systems. A report is then prepared for the client so that he is made aware of the unsafe areas that are sensitive to theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Professionals even provide additional security measures and recommend security guard services and alarm services where they are necessary.


  1. Risk Assessment – It involves identifying risks and providing security to ensure that all the assets are protected. In this process, security professionals examine all the major threats to your asset. After that, they provide proper guidance in recognizing what security technology is required. Experts also create custom plans as per the needs of their clients that easily fit their budget. This way, you get the best of the security for your valuable possessions.


  1. Prevention of Crime – Installing video cameras, security alarms, and hiring other security measures help in preventing your property from criminals. Moreover, it reduces the crime rate as vandals, and thieves will think twice before entering the highly secured areas. In case anything suspicious happens, it will be recorded in the camera, and thus, you can track everything. In your absence, security cameras and alarms will do the work of preventing your assets. So, it is advised to hire security audit professionals to ensure the safety of your belongings.


  1. Your Security System is upgraded – Auditing helps in identifying all the loopholes present in your current security system. Thus, you can get your security systems upgraded if any flaw is present. Security professionals understand where lack of security can turn out to be risky and therefore provide tailored services to fit your needs. They also provide well-trained security guards if needed. Because of being professionals, they can easily sense anything fishy and respond accordingly.


Do you think your property also requires a security audit? Then don’t delay it. Make the safety of your family and employees your priority. Hire security audit professionals today!


Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Professional Security Officers in Hotels

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Running a hotel is a nerve-wracking job. With an endless booking of customers, giving them the best of the services and ensuring that they leave your hotel with happy faces is quite demanding. Besides, there is hiring of hotel staff and lots of repairs and maintenance required.

Another big job of a hotel manager or owner is keeping the entire premises safe for the customers and staff members. This gets more challenging when you have hundreds of visitors coming and going throughout the day with room access keys to all of them.

However, tackling this herculean task becomes easy and hassle-free when you have professional security officers to safeguard your property and everyone else inside. These trained individuals understand all the little details of the security and most of all the importance of good customer service.

With their keen senses, they are in the position to identify any potential danger way before it results in a catastrophic event and reduces the burden of having additional CCTV cameras in and around the building.

Here are some amazing benefits of hiring security officers in your hotel:

  • To Monitor Entrances

There is always a steady stream of strangers visiting in and out of the hotel 24×7. That is why it is essential to keep a tap on entrances and exits. Having a full-trained security team at these points help you recognize suspicious people and activities well in time and save you from any mishap later. Moreover, you can rest assured that only genuine guests are here to avail your services.

  • To Prevent Crime

Hotels have become an easy target for thieves and criminals because they act like they are hotel guests and execute their nuisance in disguise. With the presence of security officers, these criminals will be on alert and due to the fear of getting caught, they might not even enter the building. However, if any problem occurs, the security team will be there at your disposal to handle it efficiently and ensure that it doesn’t repeat in the future.

  • To Protect the ‘Risky’ Guests

The level of security has to be more intense when you have government officials, politicians or elite business people staying at your hotel. They may not be dangerous themselves but may attract increased or negative attention. Hence, due to the level of risk involved, the security officers have to be on high alert at all the times so that the other guests and the establishment are not left vulnerable.

  • To Discourage Property damage

It is disappointing to mention that sometimes guests devalue the hotel stuff and trash the hotel rooms. This is why security officers are always required on-the-go to patrol through the hotel and deter people from harming the hotel property out of caution and fear.

  • To Maintain Orderly Conduct

At times, the hoteliers have to encounter unruly guests and visitors. People may get overdrunk at the bar or fight with other guests for petty things. Security officers intervene before these issues turn into major problems and hamper the stay of others in the hotel.

Signs That Tell You Need to Hire Security Guard for Your Business

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When we talk about security issues, the size of the business does not matter. Even small businesses are not exempt from crime issues. Businesses such as retail outlets, banks, convenience stores are the primary target of criminals. But it does not mean that other businesses cannot fall prey to illegal activities. Even at the events and festivals where a large number of people gather, unlawful activities can occur if there is no security check. The chances of such activity increase when alcohol also is present.

The best way to ensure that such activities do not occur is by employing the services of a licensed security agency. It will help ensure the safety of the public present at the event.

Now, important is to know when your business needs a security guard. So to help you with that we are here with this article. The following are the five significant signs that tell you need to hire a security guard for your company.


  1. There is a high rate of crime in your area – This is the most relevant sign that directs you to hire a security guard. Changing the location of the business can be a painful task. So, prefer hiring the services of a security agency. Also, in such an area, not only the security of your business is compromised, but the life of your employees is also at risk. So, if the crime rate is higher than average in your area, then contact a security agency before anything mischief happens to your business.


  1. Theft is becoming an issue – Regardless of the location, if your business deals in goods or retail, then you can face a considerable amount of loss from shrinkage of their supply. Moreover, theft can come from outside as well as inside the company. So, it is suggested to take the help of commercial security guard. It will protect your business and will minimize potential loss.


  1. You want a backup if an emergency arises – Emergencies arise when they are least expected. Security guards are trained and equipped to handle all kinds of emergencies, including criminal incidents, medical emergencies, or physical quarrels. They are active and have a high presence of mind because of which they are able to act sensibly and responsibly whatever the situation is.


  1. Huge traffic enters and exits the building – If many people enter and exit your building daily, then you can hire a security guard to handle the traffic. He will keep a check on the people coming in and out. Moreover, the presence of a professional creates a safe environment. Knowing that the guard is present in the building all the time, criminals will not try to commit any offense.


  1. You deal in alcohol – If alcohol is served at your place, then it is better to hire a security guard as soon as possible. Drunken people easily fall into physical altercations, and if the security guard is present at the site, then you are less likely to face any issue.


Reasons to Hire Security Guard Services for an Event

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If you’re planning to organize a business conference, a sports event, a family wedding, or a music concert, event security should be high on your priority list. Many people assume that security guards are meant for celebrities and V.I.P guests only. However, hiring security guards is equally important for all outdoor or indoor events. Whether you’re hosting a private party or a corporate event, the security of guests and attendees lie on your shoulders. You need to manage the people, traffic, and crowd.

Irrespective of the event type and size, you need an event security team that can deal with any kind of unforeseen situation. The security experts can perform a thorough risk assessment of your event, as well as control access, and prevent problems from occurring. In fact, just the presence of a security team can put attendees at ease and gives them peace of mind that they are safe.

So, are you still wondering whether your event needs security guards? If so, let’s take a look at how hiring event security teams can help in keeping your event safe and secure. Here are some reasons to hire a security team to safeguard a high-profile celebrity event, a conference, a music festival or any other event.
Crowd Management

When organizing an event, you need to plan how you will manage the crowd. Crowd management requires skills and proper planning, especially when the size of the crowd exceeds the venue capacity. Also, the chances of potential issues increase if you have alcoholic drinks at the event. When people get drunk, it may get tricky to control the crowd. Also, bigger the crowd, higher is the possibility of something going wrong. Therefore, you need security guards for controlling the crowd and maintaining discipline in your event.

Prevent Security Breach

In big events, intruders and gate-crashers try to gain access to your event. This can be a big problem if you have celebrities or VIPs as guests. There will always be uninvited guests and media that have their eyes on the event. These unwanted attendees can cause serious trouble and if you deal with them in the wrong way, it may result in negative publicity of your event. Security breaches not only cause chaos but the intruders may also take advantage of certain costly equipment. You can avoid all these problematic situations by hiring an efficient event security team. The security guards can prevent such intruders and stop media and press from entering and causing disturbances. The best security companies make use of a video monitoring system to closely watch every activity. This recorded footage can also be used as proof, in case of legal disputes.

Emergency Situations 

You never know when you might face an emergency like a fire, earthquake, bomb blast, or a sudden accident. In times like those, security guards can help in crisis management because they’re trained to handle such unexpected situations. They know how to safely evacuate people and ensure the safety of every person present at the event. The guards know all entrances & exits to make the evacuation process quick and smooth.


Why You Need To Hire an Armed Security Guard

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Are you worried about ensuring the security of your business? Or do you want the best possible protection for your events? Whether you’re looking to safeguard your business or want protection for your big event, you need to hire security guards. But when it comes to hiring security officers, a big question arises- should you hire armed or unarmed security guards?

Today, the world is facing increased danger in the form of terrorist attacks and mass shootings at concerts, schools, churches, and other public events. Businesses are also dealing with increased incidences of thefts and other crimes on business premises. With all such threats, the need for tight security has become a necessity in our daily lives. As such, from retail stores to banks, today the need for adding extra levels of security is more than ever. And one of the most crucial measures to ensure robust security is hiring armed security guards.

The security guards can effectively prevent crime, maintain security, and assist customers and employees. Hiring an armed security officer largely depends on your particular security needs. However, if you can’t determine whether or not you need an armed security guard, here are some benefits of hiring armed security.
Highly Trained

Not all security guards are capable of handling weapons. The security companies provide advanced-level training to use weapons and meet state standards. The company makes sure that the armed guards can confidently and efficiently operate weapons. These guards possess qualification and undertake a proper training program to achieve the highest level competency. Also, they are trained to work in a variety of different settings, such as schools, private residences, banks, jewelry stores, and hospitals. Their extensive training prepares them to identify potential threats, navigate buildings, and remove threats. When you hire these armed guards, you get top-level security. The armed security guards are able to understand the technical aspects of using their weapons, as well as know when to use them.

Thorough Background Checks

The armed officers have the authority to use weapons which means they need to comply with the legal requirements. The security companies conduct extensive background checks of their guards which usually include the FBI background checks and fingerprinting. The purpose of these background checks is to ensure that the guards do not hold any type of criminal record and are able to receive a gun permit. Moreover, it also confirms that there are no signs of mental illness. When you hire these armed security guards, you can be confident that you have hired credible and more qualified guards.

Deterrents to Criminal Activities

Most companies hire armed security guards because simply their presence is found effective in preventing crime. When you have armed security officers in your premise, criminals won’t take any chance. Businesses and institutions hire armed security guards because from distance they appear like police officers. This means that just the sight of an armed guard is enough to ward-off criminals trying to get in the building. Moreover, armed security guards are also trained to deal with criminals who are armed with weapons.

6 Important Duties of a Security Guard

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With the crime rates touching sky high these days, those in law enforcement are being trained to respond and handle the unexpected violence breakouts. The security guards, on the other hand, are supposed to look out for danger at all the times and report any sort of suspicious activity to the authorities.

Every duty that the security guards perform is aimed at the one and only purpose of preventing crime. All the technology, experience and expertise they are equipped with are directed towards assuring a safe and secure environment for people.

Keep reading further to understand the job duties of security guards in detail –

#1 – To Make Themselves Clearly Visible

It is the responsibility of security guards to make themselves highly visible on the location of duty. The chances of burglars, shoplifters, or other criminals creating a nuisance automatically get reduced when they see the security guards walking around on duty.

#2 – To Be Alert and Observant

The security guards are supposed to be highly observant and look out for any unusual things happening that can cause harm to anyone around. They should have a keen sense of observation and the ability to detect strange sounds and smell. Moreover, they need to be smart enough to interpret what they observe and take actions accordingly.

#3 – To Respond to Situations Quickly

The security guards are not meant to only sense the acts of crime but should also skilled enough to deter it. It is crucial for security guards to be on high alert every moment and never be negligent in their approach. The police officers might reach the crime scene a bit late but the way the guards respond to that situation until then can matter a lot.

#4 – To Report to Authorities and Ask for Help

When the security guards aren’t equipped to handle certain situations, it is their duty to contact the concerned authorities at the earliest and ask for help. Even when the crisis is handled effectively by the law enforcement officers, the security guards should keep a vigilant eye to avoid such a scene to happen again.

#5 – To Ensure Rule Compliance

The security guards might be required to maintain certain policies and level of discipline among the people. It can be either checking the id cards of the guests or ensuring they asked for appointments before visiting. Whatever it is, the guards have to ensure that all the rules laid down by their employers are duly complied with.

#6 – To Handle Large Crowd

Security guards are also deployed at large scale events where the gathering is huge. They maintain the safety of people in political rallies, religious ceremonies and other campaigns where there are chances of stampedes, riots or other life-threatening consequences. The security guards may be given an additional duty of receiving visitors and guests at the entrance and escort them to their way as well. However, this requires them to have an appealing and friendly personality.

Tips to Help You Improve Your Security Patrol System

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When it comes to patrolling services, nothing can be compromised. It is a profession in which service has to be effective in every way as one mistake can put the lives of others at risk. Furthermore, security services come with the disadvantage of being dangerous. So, the team of your guards is not just supposed to provide security services to other people; they also had to safeguard themselves when on duty.

The security patrol system must have to be efficient, and guards should be trained well with all the safety tips.


If your security patrol system is lagging behind and you want to know what can help improve it, then go through the following tips.


  1. Include Security Reporting Software –

Incorporate your management system with security reporting software. It will help you to improve security operations, and you will be able to provide quality services to your customers.


  1. Supervision System for Security Guards –

To supervise your guards remotely, there has to be a supervision system. It is one of the major components of excellent services. If you don’t have a supervision system, then you can hire a security contractor. If your guard knows that they are supervised by experts, then they will feel motivated and can perform well. Also, if not supervised adequately, there are chances that they may not take the job seriously.


  1. Verify the Qualification of Guard Before Hiring –

Guards have to go through a training period before getting the license. Make sure that the guards are having an adequate qualification to join your company. Have an interview with the guard to check his knowledge before allocating him any task. Through the interview, you will also get to know if the guard requires any specific training as per the rules of your company or he is already experienced.


  1. Evaluate the Training Provided to the Guards –

If you are not satisfied with the services of guards, then the possibility is there that the trainer or security contractor is not putting adequate efforts on the training of guards. Evaluate the orientation that guards are getting. Sit for the whole session of orientation and carefully examine what the issue is.


  1. Go for Inspections –

When possible, go to the site where guards are providing security service without notifying anyone. When performing the inspection, ask duty related questions from guards and check their attentiveness as well as knowledge. You can also get the audit of your guards done through a third party consultant.


  1. GPS Location Tracking –

Make sure that you are not using an old tracking system. Provide your security guards with an updated tracking system so that you can easily track the location of the guard who is present at the client-site. It has to be accurate so that no time is wasted at the time of the emergency.