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Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard

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One sweet afternoon, an old lady was shopping for some nice jewelry that she will be using as a gift to her daughter’s 37th birthday. While choosing her gift, an armed man put a gun on her face and told her to give her wallet and her cellphone. The poor old lady was left with no choice but to succumb to the perpetrator. On the opposite side of the street was a company engaged in shipbuilding. A man carrying a backpack was able to pass through effortlessly through the front gate whilst carrying a portable grinder, a laptop, and a special tool all stolen from the company’s tool room.

Something is common in these two happenings. Other than the crimes perpetrated, both establishments that were robbed lack security guards. These security guards could have been instrumental in preventing those felonies from happening. The men and women who were professionally trained to provide a sense of physical security are nowhere to be found in both situations.

What is “physical security” and why is it so important? Physical security is the prevention of sabotage or demise of a certain property that may possibly come from the outside or the inside. These threats pose a great risk in property and the life and limb of the people working or transacting in our companies. How then can we provide physical security to our employees as well as our customers?

Security guards are professionally trained and skilled personnel that do the job of securing a certain area and preventing crimes from happening inside or near the perimeter of the company. Other than providing physical security, I will outline the most obvious and practical reasons why you should hire a security guard to protect your premises.

1. Provides you with physical security. They give a feeling within the work place that everything is secure, in their place and nothing wrong is happening because they are under the watch of security guard. It gives them comfort that somebody is standing by ready to respond to any security situation.

2. Security Guards are masters of their assigned posts. Aside from their orientation, security guards become acquainted in their workplace through their regular inspection as roving sentries. They are aware of all the comings and goings of their environment and they know even the most inconspicuous passageways in your company. These knowledge are crucial especially during dire times.

3. They can assess danger. Because they are professionally trained and are always practising “situational awareness,” they can sense tell-tale signs of clear and present danger. Crime prevention within your establishment is a piece of cake if you have security guards in your perimeter. In dire times of calamity and conflict, they are the ones that lead your people towards safety.

4. They are deterrent to criminals – Having security guards in your doors or roving in your company leaves an impression that your security is not lax. It provides an impression to the criminals that you are ready to fight back whenever necessary. One thing impressive about security guards is that even when the odds are against them, they won’t go down without putting up a good fight.

5. Security guards provide “extra” customer care. There had been a lot of times when security guards were called upon not to apprehend an erring person but to assist people. They provide an extra helping hand in the work place. They are aware of the concept of “customer care” and “customer satisfaction”

6. They are your soldiers and policemen. Consider your workplace as a community. Every community needs some sort of peacekeeper or law enforcer in their vicinity. This is the job of security guards. They enforce company policies, and they protect the security of your premises from sabotage or any other type of physical harm.

Our company provides the best security services in the market. The bread and butter of our security guards is your business’ security and customer satisfaction. They are properly trained in the art and science of providing protection. Your security is our top priority and your safety is our commitment.

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