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Are You Making Habits That Are Putting Your Security At Risk?

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When you make the decision to hire security services, you are hoping to get protection and the peace of mind. Your family and property will be safe when you know that you have experts providing security or watching over you. As security continues to become an issue of concern, more people are turning to professional security companies to get the help that they need. Having a good security system has many benefits and it can give you much needed peace of mind.

While you can benefit greatly from the professional services, it is important to know that there are things that the professionals cannot do. At the end of the day, security begins with you and there are things that you need to do to remain secure. Even the best security company cannot protect you from yourself! Your security habits will determine how successful your security plan can be. As you take the time to choose the best security company, it is important to get rid of habits that put you at risk.

1. A visible security control panel

2 Are You Making Habits That Are Putting Your Security At Risk?

Installing the security control panel in plain sight is an open invitation to burglars. While you might be thinking about your convenience, you need to avoid making it convenient for criminals to access your home. Make sure that you get professional installation and think about the best location to mount the panel. Remember that crooks look for easy targets and if you make it easy for them to see when your system is not armed, they will thank you for it! Make sure that the control panel is out of sight where it is protected from any prying eyes.

2. Sharing vacation details

Social media may be a great way to communicate but when you decide to publish your vacation plans online, you are simply asking for trouble. Your security company cannot protect such a mistake and you cannot blame anyone if “unwanted persons” decide to visit you in your absence. Social habits that include informing everyone about your every movement are a bad idea. Remember that even burglars know how to use social media! If you feel the need to inform everyone about your vacation plans, make sure that you have an effective security plan in place before you leave home.

3. Not arming the security system

You have taken the important step to get a home security system, but the fact is that it will not do you much good if you fail to arm it. A huge problem that many homeowners of a security system encounter is failing to use the system effectively. You cannot blame anyone but yourself if you do not follow instructions when it comes to your home security. It is important to arm or turn on the system even though you plan to be away for a short time. The time that it takes you to walk the dog or deliver something to your neighbor is more than enough time for someone to get into your home and rob you!

4. A note on the door

A few decades ago, people did not think much about leaving notes on the door informing readers about their movements. If you are still doing this, you might as well leave the door wide open asking anyone to come in! Leaving the door unlocked as you rush next door might still be happening in some remote areas, but unfortunately, it is not safe anymore. Burglars will not hesitate to read a note just because it is not addressed to them! Make sure that you lock the door behind you anytime you leave even for a quick errand even though you are expecting company.

5. Hiding an extra key under the pot

Seriously, if you are still doing this, there is something very wrong with you! Hiding your extra key may seem like a great idea when you are absent minded, but the fact is that even criminals know that people do this and it is not a secret. If you want your home to remain secure, you need to be careful about where you choose to keep your spare key. That fake rock you have placed in the garden is not fooling anyone and even the most foolish crook can flip a mat!

It is important to remember that your security company cannot protect you if you do not use the system the way it is intended. Your security begins with you and you should follow the rules to get the desired results. Avoid making simple security mistakes and you can be guaranteed of getting what you paid for. The best security system in the world will not do you much good if you do not change habits that expose you to criminals. Remember that most crooks are not looking for complex situations and they will always look for an opportunity to attack a vulnerable home!

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