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Are Cameras Really That Effective In Keeping Your Property Safe?

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For the past few years, people have increasingly been relying on technology in their security systems. This explains the popularity of CCTV cameras when it comes to designing a security system for your home or business. Cameras however, come in various designs, installation options and price ranges, although the general consensus would be that they add on a lot of expenses to your security budget.

And considering that cutting costs is one important aspect for most people, a common question today is whether you really need those cameras in order to ensure security around your premises. The only way to answer this is by finding out how the cameras work within a security system. This usually depends on the type of camera used in your security system.

Visible, high definition cameras

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These are considerably high end, and in most cases, they are located outside the building. While high definition cameras may give you the privilege of identifying any intruders due to the high quality images, they are also likely to be spotted and destroyed easily. And considering how much they cost, this will be a major loss to you. Visible cameras are very effective in deterring criminals, but they do not have to be so expensive. Use dummies instead, they will be equally discouraging to the intruders.

The invisible cameras

These can be as expensive as you want them to be. This is because they will be doing most of the work in terms of capturing the images of your intruders. Invisible cameras are more effective in keeping your premises safe. This is because they will not be dodged or damaged by the intruders. Make sure you get these in high quality so that you can actually use the captured footage as evidence to identify an intruder. You must however have these installed in strategic positions to avoid having many blind spots, especially at entrances and exits.

Recorded footage

If your surveillance system records the footage and transfers it into an accessible drive, then you should be able to find evidence in the event of a break in. The problem here however is that the drive could be destroyed physically. If the intruders know how to access your security room, they may just as easily wipe out the drives after they get in. This means that this can only be effective if you have an automated backup system for the recorded footage. Ideally, you could have some of the footage uploaded to a cloud account on an external server that is secure.

Live feeds transmission

This system is considered modern and usually very effective because it enables your cameras to transmit live feeds to any connected gadgets and devices, including your phone or laptop and the desktops at a security company nearby. This means that you will be able to monitor the security of your home or office in real time. Since this uses the internet, however, it is highly likely that it can be hacked into easily. You could be giving a lot of random hackers a direct access to your private business. You may thus want to limit this system to the main cameras outside the building since you do not want strangers watching and listening in on your private meetings and conversations at work or at home.

Each alternative in this case has its own set of pros and cons regarding how it enhances your security. This means that you may need to speak with a security consultant in Montreal before you make a good choice regarding your security system. Custom combinations can be easily tailored to suit your specific needs, thus ensuring that all the cameras you invest in will actually help create a secure environment for you.

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