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5 Ways to Improve your Outdoor Events Security

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When one organizes an event, all they care about is the safety and security of the event. When the event is held outside then requires more help than indoor events, this requires more planning and advanced security. Outdoor events usually occupy a greater area and the planning is therefore extensive, your event may go for a toss if there is a management crisis.

It is extremely crucial for both the organizer and attendees to feel safe at the event. Here are 5 ways to improve your outdoor event’s security.


While setting up security indoor or outdoor, marking the perimeter is essential. Securing an event outdoor is easy as access to the site is easier. Since the access is easy, it is important to establish proper security so as to monitor the perimeter throughout the day of the event. Your security depends on the size of the crowd and the area you are hosting it in. You may not be able to protect it like Fort Knox or guardian angel but setting suitable fence and barriers can be of great help. It is a good start to improving security.


Your event may be big or small but it is crucial that you make your staff aware of the layout of the area. Any mishap and your attendees will look up to your security personals, so make sure they point them towards the right direction i.e. an exit and not some broom closet. Security guards should run an inspection on the key areas and checkpoints throughout the event especially if your event is a huge one.


The larger the area the greater the crowd and greater the security risk. You should prepare your security team for the worst case scenario but you must also prepare them for minor security breaches too. Therefore, there have to be two kinds of the plan, a major and a minor one. The odds of a major threat is less. Lay your security plan in such a way that situations where a child is lost or someone has fainted in the ground can be resolved quickly and efficiently.


Even though it is true that most bouncers and security personals look very serious and rough but it is also true that the security is the mediator between the figure of authority and attendees. Hence make sure that your security team is approachable so that at the time of any hindrance they can look up to your team without any fear.  Always consider the type of audience you’ll be catering for and choose your security staff accordingly.


Repentance can never be your back up plan. Always have a backup plan, no matter what you do. In case your event runs short of security or has an issue with equipment or area itself. Keeping a back up can save you from a lot of grief and regrets. It is an event after all and anything can go wrong at any point in time. It is for this reason that you should have an alternative option so that you don’t have to cancel or postponed at the end moment.

Organizing an event is never easy, instead, it is time-consuming and nerve-wracking. And yes, it is a daunting task but having uptight security can always help you handle any event easily. Your event can’t reach its full potential if the attendees, staff and guest speakers/performers don’t feel safe. So choose a reputable security service provider to have a hassle-free event.

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