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5 Tips On Movie Theater Safety And Security For Premises Owners

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May it be for a friendly outing, first date, having quality time with the loved ones, etc, the silver screen has been one the most cherished past time in this country. Everyone loves visiting their local movie theater for fun and entertainment. Unfortunately, mass shooting incidents have changed the once fully carefree movie outing experience into a potentially worrying activity. These violent activities have become a serious security concern for movie theater owners and avid movie fans.

As a result, a lot of people have become apprehensive being in certain public places, for instance, the pitch dark rooms of the movie theaters. Feeling insecure when in movie theaters has taken away the excitement and trill of watching a much waited for movie. Here are a few tips for both the movie premise owners and operators to help keep movie theaters secure.

movie 5 Tips On Movie Theater Safety And Security For Premises Owners

We had to pass through security to get to our apartment, because we are inside the carnaval street fair barriers.

Have a solid plan

The person in charge of movie theater operations should be well prepared for all kinds of situations, including those they don’t like to think about, for example an attack threat on the patrons or the theater building itself. An emergency security plan that includes a way to secure or warn the patrons, evacuate people from the premises when need be, communicate your requirements for urgent assistance with onsite security service provider, medics, fire departments and the police is recommended.

There should be pre-programmed business phone systems and emergency alarms that automatically notify your security guards, people in the premises for example employees and patrons , as well as the corresponding security authorities in case of a security emergency. These systems should be tested periodically to make sure that they are in proper working condition and are always reliable.

Keep the aisles free of people and their belongings

Ensure that all aisles are free of people and their belongings when a movie is going on for security purposes. Apart from this make sure that the theater rooms are thoroughly checked and screened before and after a movie. In simple terms, make sure that all safety codes are clearly upheld by all in and around the premises. And while at it, make sure that emergency exists are unobstructed.

Train the staff how to handle emergency situations

Training the staff how to handle security emergencies on a regular basis drastically improves the way they respond in event of emergencies. These kinds of staff members are less likely to panic in event of security emergencies. They are able to react sharply and concisely against the expected chaos. Not only this, they are able to effectively assist the often shaken crowds. So conducting emergency drills on a regular basis is important as it becomes second nature to your employees. The staff must know every part of your emergency protocol, in particular who and how to call onsite security patrol or police back up when need be.

Onsite security guards

To guarantee the safety of all that visit your premises, hire professional onsite security guards that specialize in Movie Theater guarding services. These kinds of people should all be uniformed to distinguish them from the patrons. Having these professionals around your premises is likely to intimidate potential attackers or ward them off your establishment.

In case of a security emergency situation, the first people that form a line of defense against the attackers are mostly the onsite security guards. This might mean the difference between life and death for all patrons and employees within the premises. As such, make sure to hire a security service company that have professionally trained security guards as they have both the knowledge and training to do what is expected of them in event of security emergencies.

Be sure to maintain manageable crowd sizes

It is always a good idea to keep crowds around a movie theater in manageable sizes. This makes it easier to contain them during an emergency. If this isn’t possible for your case, then make sure to hire extra security guards in anticipation of inevitable larger crowds, especially during movie premieres, weekends, summer blockbuster holidays and seasons.

Quick tips for movie goers

There are a number of things that movie goers can do to improve their security while in movie theaters. These include:

• Being extra vigilant

• Keeping the cell phone handy at all times

• Trying not to go alone

• Parking the car in well lit areas.

All in all, in event of an attack, the best way to defend yourself to stay as far as you can from the attackers. If this fails, then you will have to fight back. Be sure to strike at vulnerable areas such as the groin, eyes and likes while at it. Also remember, any item within your reach can be a powerful weapon to defend yourself with. If the attacker is stunned or subdued, use the chance to escape from the premises.

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