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5 Important Tips for Security Guards

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Everybody knows the hardships faced by a security officer during the course of the job. There are numerous risks that one has to encounter being in this job but has to keep overcoming to keep up with the safety levels of people around.

Although they get specially trained and paid for carrying out their duties, the level of bravery they portray is commendable. There is no doubt that just by their presence around, the whole environment seems a lot more safe and sound.

Each type of environment presents a unique set of challenges for guards and the role of guards keeps getting intense. Hence, it is of vital importance that the security personnel don’t forget their safety amidst the fulfillment of their duties and protect themselves as well while saving other people.

There are several safety tips that a security guard should keep in mind whether in a night club, event, apartment or business. Have a look –

  1. Stay Mindful and Plan Ahead

The job of security personnel involves a great degree of alertness and negligence for even a single moment can result in immeasurable loss in terms of money or human lives. Every action taken by the guard has to be calculated and planned carefully to be able to act quickly; otherwise, it may lead to disastrous results that can never be undone.

So, if you have recently joined a security team, make sure you are well aware of the potential dangers around and be prepared to handle them effectively.

  1. Be Prepared with your Defensive Gear

Always remember to have your defensive gears with you even if the surroundings don’t seem to be much of a risk. Everything in life is uncertain and being in possession of your protective gears and loaded firearms act as a life savior when encountered with unforeseen violence or other dangers.

However, if you aren’t required to carry any firearm on duty then make sure you have other tools like pepper spray, baton, etc. to handle a situation that turns from bad to worst. Also, make sure your equipment isn’t faulty or it could be risky for your life.

  1. Dress up in Appropriate Clothing

You might be wondering how the clothing comes into the picture. Well, this may sound as a non-matching aspect for the job but plays a crucial role in the everyday routine work of security personnel. Security guards are quite often walking and running around and wearing comfortable clothing and footwear enables them to carry out their tasks without getting their movements restricted or slipping on the floor causing injuries.

Moreover, many guards are required to wear body armor as well that are specially designed to defend themselves against knife or bullet attacks. So, if your job demands so, be sure you wear them regularly.

  1. Be Alert and Maintain Distance

It is always better to ask your client to brief out any hazardous substances lying in the premises that can pose danger if approached from a near distance. You should keep yourself protected from such materials and discuss the safety protocols before-hand.

Similarly, when you deal with potential suspects, always be on a high-alert mode and maintain a safe distance from them. It is because you never how they act out or attack you all of a sudden.

  1. Have Knowledge of Emergency Procedures

As security personnel, your duty isn’t limited to protecting people from theft or violence, but also from unexpected situations sent by nature. You should be aware of emergency procedures that should be undertaken in case any fire strikes or an earthquake happens.

Having the knowledge to deal with adverse situations can quicken up the response time and save hundreds of lives.


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