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4 Security Mistakes That Could Bring You Big Trouble

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Having a security system in place is a big step towards ensuring that your home or office is safe from break-ins. But this is not all that it will take. Before you can claim to be totally safe, there are a number of routines and petty habits that you need to get rid of.

Hiding your spare key under the rug or the potted plant

When you report a break-in, you may notice that the first question would be whether there are signs of forced entry. Keeping a spare key under the rug or the potted plant seems a little too obvious. It may save you the inconvenience of being locked out when you lose or misplace your keys but these are the first places that an intruder would look. Forced entry is usually too much drama, and a spare key offers the intruder an easier alternative into your premises. If you must leave a spare key, find someone that you can trust to hold it for you. This is better than hiding it where it can be easily found.

Did not apply sufficient security measures for all levels

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If your home or office has more than one level, it is likely that you will leave the windows or doors open on the second and third levels. This is because most people leave in a rush and forget to check the upper levels. If the first floor is locked up and the second floor’s windows are open, an intruder could easily get in through a second floor window. This means that there would be no point of claiming to have secured the premises if you only secured the first floor. Make sure that all the possible entry points in the building are locked. This will require you to check all the windows in the building since burglars have been known to get creative when they need to invade a building.

Talking about security details carelessly

A lot of people also get into trouble because they divulge too much when it comes to their security systems. You can offer advice to your friends and colleagues when they ask about your security system, but you do not have to give them all the details. For example, they do not have to know that you never turn on your alarm at night or when going to the grocery store. This information is the kind that could get your home invaded. Avoid telling people too much about your routine on social media as well. They do not have to know when you leave the house or when you spend the night out with your friends. Generally, keep as much information to yourself and avoid solid routines that make you predictable to strangers.

Forgetting to turn on the alarm

This seems obvious but you will be surprised by the number of people who have sophisticated security systems and yet get robbed because they did not turn on the alarm. Your alarm not only deters the intruders but also alerts your security company and the local police of an invasion in progress. If you do not turn the alarm on, you will have left your premises with no defense in the event of a break in. You have to make this a permanent part of the routine in terms of things that you always do before you leave the house or the office.

Taking full control of your security implies paying attention to a lot of things. One mistake could jeopardize even the strongest security system, meaning that in some cases, the best option is to find and hire security guards in Montreal to complement your security system. They are often well trained and able to enforce strict security protocols that will keep your buildings safe and secure at all times.

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