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4 Different Security Services You Can Engage For Event Security Or Protection

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Security services are aplenty and each serves a different purpose. Without security services, shops will have no protection against robbers, banks will be left unprotected and people on the streets will fear for their safety. Security services are important and play a critical role in every business, company, mall and office. Here are 4 different security services you can look into engaging, whether you need them for events or to protect someone!

Security guards/security agents

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Security guards play an important role in protecting an asset, item or location. Security guards are split into uniformed guards and undercover agents.

Uniformed guards are commonly seen in offices, shopping malls, banks and other places of interest. They protect an asset such as an artwork that is on display or oversee a location and perform selective restriction. Selective restriction refers to denying people that do not have the valid credentials, role or status from entering a location while allowing those who do, to pass.

Undercover agents work in civilian clothing. Their role may be to investigate and report to their superiors what a particular individual who seems to be acting suspiciously or to be of potential harm to others.

Patrolling officers

Patrolling is usually done by authorized security guards and police officers. They may patrol the streets on foot or in vehicles. Officers may patrol a place such as the president’s home with an intention to protect their occupants and its surrounding properties.

Agents can also patrol on the streets. Their job is to ensure that operations run smooth. They may also patrol the ground during a big event such as a country’s National Day. Due to the large crowd that is present, some sort of crowd control is needed and patrolling the area certainly helps.


Bodyguards are officers that are attached or assigned to a certain individual that they need to protect. Bodyguards are split into two types which are close protection and distant protection.

Bodyguards who perform close protection wants their presence to be known. They want to send a clear message to everyone to not try anything funny. These bodyguards may wear uniforms or may be clad in tuxedos and they may also possess firearms.

Bodyguards who perform distant protection are clad in civilian clothing. They mingle with civilians and keep a low profile. Clients often request for distant protection as they prefer more freedom for themselves and want to draw less attention to themselves.

Access, traffic and crowd control services

Access control refers to the placement of guards in sensitive areas to prevent visitors and civilians from entering. It may be needed to protect sensitive documents too. Traffic control refers to the placement of road officers to manage the traffic. These services may be needed when the traffic light undergoes maintenance and is not in operation. The officers acting as human traffic lights will help to guide pedestrians to cross roads safely and in turn regulate car movement too.

Crowd control refers to the placement of guards and officers to manage a location that contains a large crowd, leading affected individuals to safety and far away from harm.

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