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3 Common Security Lapses In Commercial Buildings

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Security in all parts of the world has become a major issue. With the rise of issues such as terrorism and crime, it’s important for any commercial building to have a strategy to bolster its security to prevent or at least minimize some of these events. If you are in charge of the security for a major commercial building, getting officers from a reputable security firm as part of the security process should be obvious. Since security is so important, taking the time to go through the credentials and past performance of such a company is definitely not a waste of time. Consulting previous and current customers (if you know a few) about them is also helpful.

There are a few classical mistakes that commercial entities make when drawing up security plans for their buildings. For commercial building security in Montreal to be effective, you will need to avoid these even after starting to work with the security firms. If you are in a contract with a top notch security firm, they will help you spot and avoid some of them. These include:

Sacrificing security for aesthetics 

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Sure, you may want your commercial building to look beautiful. This makes sense; we live in a competitive world and you need to do everything you can to attract customers and have their confidence. However, this should not sacrifice security. This is a common problem in many commercial buildings. For instance, growing a hedge around the building even in isolated places may make it look beautiful. However, remember that the combination of the hedge and an isolated path would be perfect for anyone who wants to commit crimes. You should therefore work with a security consultant on such aspects to ensure that the aesthetic aspects of the building do not make it easier for crimes to happen in the vicinity.

Having some entrances not manned

Your building might have a main entrance, as well as other entrances that are unlikely to be used. For instance, there could be an entrance at the back that is not only difficult to get to, but which few people know of. Not properly securing such an entrance is a bad idea. When coming up with security plans for a commercial or any other building, remember that a determined criminal would study the building carefully before making their move. If they notice that such an entrance is not protected, that is where they may focus on if they want to get into the building. In a commercial property, such as a bank or a jewelry store, this could result in huge losses. Even if an entrance seems too remote to be used, secure it.

Loosening security protocol for select staff

If you have a security system such as where guards check everyone before they enter the building, make sure that this applies to everyone. Having some people such as managerial staff exempt from this is common, but could lead to mishaps in future. For instance, if one of your employees is organizing an inside job to rob the facility, they could easily carry what they need to pull it off if they know that they will not be checked. Any security measure that you come up with should apply to everyone.

These are some of the common oversights that commercial firms make when designing security systems. Avoiding them is necessary if you are to end up with a building that is safer. Of course, there are many other issues you might need to address. Working in conjunction with a tried and tested security firm will help you do this.

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