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10 Security Tips To Consider Before Going For A Vacation

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It is hard to leave your home unattended to and have the peace of mind that nothing will go amiss. In fact, it is impossible to assume so. You will always have to worry that someone will break in and make away with your valuables. Truth is, you do not have to worry if you take your time to consider simple security measures that can ensure your valuables are always safe. With that in mind, here are top 10 security measures that will allow you to enjoy your vacation without worrying about that intruder.

Lock up everything

5577108264 d994cdbda2 10 Security Tips To Consider Before Going For A Vacation That is and will always be the starting point. Lock up all rooms then double check just to make sure that you have locked up all entry points. The best way to go about this is to lock up your rooms a night before you leave. It will save you a lot of time as well as the inconveniences that usually come along with last minute rushes, especially if you plan to leave very early in the morning. Locking up your home this way may not seem important but it will ensure you do not leave your vulnerable and unsecured.

Invest in motion sensors

Do not leave without installing exterior lights with motion sensors. Put the lights in strategic points. Your back and front yards are highly recommended. The sensors will effortlessly deter intruders from gaining access to your property as it will literally put them in the spotlight where passersby and neighbors can see them.

Leave your lights on

You will have to invest in efficient timer switches for this. They fool intruders into thinking someone is around. Remember to put the lights in rooms that cannot be easily observed from a distance through the curtains. Remember too to set them at appropriate times. The best intervals are usually just after sunset. Some security experts recommend setting them to go off at bedtime before midnight. There is however no harm leaving them on until early morning.

Involve your neighbors

Let your neighbors know that you will be away for some time. Then request them to pick your newspapers and tend to your lawn. A pile of newspapers on your doorstep, bushy lawns and an overflowing mailbox are sure signs that no one is around. Have someone take care of these things to create an impression that someone is around.

Pay upfront for services

It is easy to forget about your bills when planning for that vacation. But they are important as far as protecting your home is concerned. Give top priority to your electricity bill. How else will you be sure that your alarm system won’t go off? Remember it is not just about the alarm. There are other preventive security measures that fully rely on electricity to function.

Hire a guard

You will have to do this if you live in a neighborhood where security is not assured. Nearly all security firms have packages for short term property supervision. You can therefore consider of those packages for the short time you will be away.

Social media prudence

It is strange how people use social media. Do not announce on social media about your whereabouts. You can always do that but observe some kind of a ‘healthy balance’ while at it. Do not for instance say when you will be back. Be careful too about what you say on your voicemail or the answering machine. Do not even mention that you are away for a vacation.

Make your mark

Things sometimes go wrong even after taking the necessary precautions. In such an unfortunate event, it is best to have a backup plan. First off, keep a detailed inventory of all your valuables. Then ensure that they are identifiable by unique marks on them. You can engrave your initials on them or mark them at appropriate places. That way, burglars will have a hard time selling them off to downtown property converters. You may also stand a chance of tracing them.

Invest in high tech equipment

It is amazing how technology can protect your house from intruders. There is much more you can do over and beyond alarm systems. You can consider pressure door mats that turn on your alarm and alert you on your phone of an intruder as soon as someone steps on them. You can also consider going for siren padlocks that let off alarm siren as soon as one touches them. Decoy cameras also happen to be nice alternatives for people on a budget. They may not capture anything but they can keep intruders at bay.


Your home insurance policy should be comprehensive enough to allow you to make a claim after a house breaking incident. With that in mind, get covered for the period you will be away. Don’t think of it as an expense but rather as an investment to secure your home as well as your valuables.

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